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Pit is an Alignment Guide for Villains. He says this when you contact him:

Hey, what's up? A little bird told me that you've got yourself some troubles. The name's Pit - as in that thing you bite into when chompin' on a cherry. You know what I'm talking about - really good lookin' on the outside, nice and sweet on the inside, and then it's all - 'Oh noes! I just busted all my teeth on this Pit here!'. Now... your face is telling me that you've got questions about tracking down Tips - no... maybe it's about how you Align yourself? Hmm... nah... maybe it's about your Supergroup dudes and girlies, right? Tell you the truth, I can't really tell with the way your face is all scrunched up like that. How's about you just ask me already, cool?