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Piercing the Veil

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From the Story Arc "Piercing the Veil" given by Gordon Bower.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

Whenever you walk by a darkened doorway or feel that cold chill in a warm summer day, you're reminded of the events you came to know as...

Piercing the Veil

Gordon Bower has always been a man of respect in Salamanca. As mayor, he sees it has his responsability to help the people, no matter how mystical the problem might be. He had plenty of work for you and even while fighting the Tuatha de Dannan in the streets and sewers of Salamanca, you always knew you were doing it for the right reasons and for the right people.

You helped free both the living and the dead from the tyrants that plague the neighborhood and even ran into some Cabal sorceresses who were experimenting on the poor beings trapped between worlds.

But things got really interesting, and by interesting you mean strange, when you met up with Skipper LeGrange. He gave you his divining rod and sent you out to gather information regarding the ghosts of the area. However, what was disturbing was not the spectres, but the knowledge they contained. Skipper told you that Salamanca was being pulled into the spirit world. And just when you were starting to learn your way around.

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