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Pet Invention Origin Procedure Enhancements

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Slotting proc IOs into pets can add damage and debuff properties to the pets' attacks and other powers. It is important to note that the procs will only have a chance of firing when the pet uses a power that matches the proc's set category. For instance, if the Trap of the Hunter Chance for Damage (Lethal) proc IO was slotted into the Dark Servant power, the proc would have a chance to fire each time the pet uses its Tenebrous Tentacles power, for each target in range of the power. This means that some procs may be more useful than others in certain pets, depending on what powers they have in which set categories.

Set Usage Breakdown

Controller/Dominator/Defender Pets
  • Fire Imps, Jack Frost, and Phantom Army can only take the Pet Damage sets, and those don't have any damage or other special procs, except for the Build Up chance proc in the Soulbound Allegiance purple set.
  • Phantasm, Animate Stone, and Singularity can take Knockback sets as well as Pet Damage sets. A damage proc and a +recharge proc are available. The procs have a chance of firing when the pets use knockback powers.
  • Giant Fly Trap can take Pet Damage sets and defense debuff sets, which can give it a resistance debuff proc and a chance for damage. The defense debuff set procs have a chance of firing when Fly Trap uses its toxic thorn attacks.
  • Dark Servant is somewhat unique in its set categories. It cannot take Pet Damage, but can take heal, hold, immobilize, and to-hit debuff sets.
    1. There are three different hold damage procs, which have a chance to fire when Dark Servant uses its Petrifying Gaze.
    2. There are damage, hold, and 2% stun procs for immobilize, which have a chance to fire when Dark Servant uses Tenebrous Tentacles.
    3. There are -recharge and -recovery to hit debuff procs, and these have a chance to fire every 10 seconds of Dark Servant's duration for each target in range due of its Chill of the Night PBAOE aura, as well as every 10 seconds for any targets affected by Dark Servant's Darkest Night toggle, and a chance for each target each time it uses its Tenebrous Tentacles.
    4. Dark Servant can take the Regenerative Tissue/Miracle/Numina's Convalescence +regen/+recovery special IOs. However, these special IOs would only affect Dark Servant itself, and then only when he uses his Twilight Grasp power.
Mastermind Pets

MM pets can take Pet Damage sets, and then various combinations of knockback, to-hit buff, and defense debuffs. Bruisers are unique in that they can also use to-hit buff sets.

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