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Pendragon's Sword

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From the Story Arc "A Matter of Honor" given by Sir Bedwyr.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-39

Souvenir's Text

Pendragon's Sword

Pendragon's sword weighs heavy in your hands, a potent reminder of the disgraced knight's ideals and the lengths he would go to in order to uphold his oath his order to protect the Eternal Prison. His self impossed exile was nothing short of...

A Matter of Honor

As everything in Night Ward, nothing can be taken for granted. The Talons of Vengeance sought to open the Eternal Prison but how they planned to do this still eluded you. Sir Bedwyr, a Black Knight, shed some light on that issue, claiming that the Talons of Vengeance were seeking to corrupt the Black Knights, the defenders of that ancient hold.

Sir Bedwyr, however, had been exiled from the Knights by sacrificing his honor to save another. He asked you to bring warning of the Talons to Lord Lorn, but in order to do so you would need to issue an audience by proxy, an introduction from someone the Black Knights knew. Bedwyr had learned that Taskmaster Carlyle of the Taskmaster's Office had several dealings with the Black Knights and so he sent you to talk to him. In order to earn Carlyle's favor, however, you had to put a stop to the Talons of Vengeance who were stealing souls from the Drudges to create their horrid Banshees. After doing so you finally met with Lorn of the Black Knights, but he dismissed your warning of the Talons of Vengeance trying to breach the Eternal Prison and sent you away. You called for a Trial by Steel in order to demand that your words be heard, and after defeating Sir Pendragon, Lorn agreed to take your claims seriously. He tasked you with finding hard evidence of the Talons plot to both breach the Eternal Prison and to corrupt the Black Knights.

In order to track down where the Talons were hiding out in the Night Ward, Bedwyr introduced you to a Spirit Stalker Huntmaster by the name of Githredeon. He told you about a nest in the Howling Vale, and also clued you in on the fact that some Black Knights had entered the Vale not much earlier. You found the Talons nest and proceeded inward, realizing quickly that the Black Knights sent there were not on hostile terms with the Talons. You found the Black Knights in the tail end of negotiations, which resulted in their death, but managed to secure a mysterious hand written warning to the Talons from someone inside the Black Knights encampment. From the letter you learned that more and more Black Knights were starting to abandon their posts each day, and that this was part of the Talons plan to weaken them.

Concerned and excited, Bedwyr sent you to track down these errant knights and rally them to your collective cause. With enough numbers then Lorn would have to realize that the Talons of Vengeance were a true threat to the Order. Carlyle's knack for being well informed and connected was certain to pay off again, but when you went to speak with him you learned that Lord Lorn had issued orders to the Black Knights to declare martial law over the Taskmaster's Office and all of the Night Ward in an effort to locate a creature named Black Swan and end their search for her in the Night Ward. After rescuing Carlyle from the Black Knights he gladly told you everything he knew about the errant knights around the Night Ward.

Your first goal was to recruit Sir Lucane. He had journeyed into the Arcane Quarter in search of the Animus Arcana. Upon finding him, however, you discovered that the Animus Arcana were so desperate for protection against the Talons of Vengeance, that they had cast a spell upon Lucane to force him to be their friend.

Against Lorn's orders, Sir Emric had journeyed beneath The Digs with a host of Black Knights in search of a Talons nest, but Bedwyr worried that whoever the traitor was in the midst of the Black Knights would have sent word to the Talons to catch Emric and his men in a trap. You arrived just in time to find Emric and his men separated in the Talons nest fighting for their souls. You rescued Emric and learned that the Black Queen was somehow integral to the Talons plans to open the Eternal Prison.

Bedwyr next sent you to recruit the wise old instructor, Sir Agnan and his new squire. They had gone to meet with the Taskmasters Office to try and rally them to oppose Lorn's decrees, but when you arrived you discovered that the Taskmasters had sold Agnan out to the Black Knights. You rescued Agnan's squire, Scarlet, and then Agnan himself. Much to your chagrin, you then came face to face with Carlyle, who showed his true colors. After questioning him you learned that Lorn had forced his betrayal and had learned of Bedwyr's dealing with you. Worse still, Lorn had dispatched the Black Knights to hunt Bedwyr down and kill him.

You raced back to Bedwyr's defense in the nick of time and fought off the Black Knights hunting him. In the end, Sir Pendragon came forth to end a dispute between him and Bedwyr. Pendragon lost and demanded that Bedwyr kill him, but Bedwyr stayed his hand. You learned that it was Pendragon who Bedwyr sacrificed his honor to save and earned his exile, and that the Black Queen and Pendragon's affair was the cause. When you mentioned that the Talons had designs for the Black Queen, however, Pendragon raced off to save her. Following with Bedwyr you arrived just in time to save him from being killed by Lorn for his lies. You defeated Lorn and his guards, but then the Black Queen revealed that she was the traitor and struck. With Lorn dead she inherited the role of leader of the Black Knights and ruler of the Eternal Prison. She fled, taunting Pendragon with the knowledge that by his hand he had toppled the Black Knights.

Pendragon gave up his sword and shield and vowed to quest for atonement and to restore his honor. He began his search for his destiny while Bedwyr pledged to restore the honor of the Black Knights no matter what.

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