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Peace Walker Badge

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You have found a place of peace and calm in a land of madness and danger. High stone walls hem you in on all sides, but they grant a feeling of security and solitude and not one of confinement. You wonder idly why none of the horrors that prowl the landscape around you ever find their way into this place of calm, and you are grateful. Even the unearthly chattering and howls of the Shadow Shard's denizens fail to penetrate here, you almost feel as though you could stay here forever, just lay down and rest, safe from all concern... but you cannot. This sense of ease is an illusion, the safety is a lie. Nowhere is safe here, and you'd best move on before this land robs you of all desire to.


The Peace Walker badge is located 167 yards SW of The Marooned Shores marker, in the middle of an area surrounded by hills.

Its coordinates are (3096, 1535, 1502).

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