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Party Costume Set

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The Party Costume Set was originally released with the Party Pack but is now only available through the Paragon Market. This set does not contain any costume pieces, but includes eight emotes.

Costume Bundle

There is no bundle available for these items. All of the pieces must be purchased separately, costing 320pp total.

Costume Pieces

There are no costume pieces related to this costume set.


There are no auras related to this costume set.


Standard Emotes

ParagonMarket EmoteAirGuitar.png Air Guitar Emote (/emote AirGuitar) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteBasketball.png Basketball Emote (/emote Basketball) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteDiscoDance.png Disco Dance Emote (/emote DiscoDance) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteKarateDance.png Karate Dance Emote (/emote KarateDance) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteOpenGift.png Open Gift Emote (/emote OpenGift) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmotePopDance.png Pop Dance Emote (/emote PopDance) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmotePool.png Pool Emote (/emote Pool) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteSoccer.png Soccer Emote (/emote Soccer) - 40pp


There are no powers related to this costume set.

Preselected Costumes

There are no preselected costumes for this set.

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