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Discuss and document powerset article layout/rules.

General Layout


Brief description of who gets access to this powerset. The exact wording of this overview should be consistent across articles. Konoko keeps re-writing it on new powerset articles. Bad admin.

Also included should be an in game description of the powerset

Power Tables

Contains clear, concise table that describes the powerset. Can contain more than one for similar or identical primary/secondary sets. Must contain two or more if powersets differ in the slightest.

  • i.e. Scrapper vs Tanker/Brute taunt power.
    • Tanker and Brute melee sets contain a power usually called Taunt that is a Targeted AoE taunt.
    • Scrapper melee sets contain a power usually called something other than Taunt (Confront mostly) that is a Single Target taunt. This is cause for grief for Konoko, who would rather have 1 table with a note on the taunt power rather than 2 nearly identical tables
  • i.e.2 Force Field
    • Defender and Controller Force Field sets are identical (except one is primary, the other secondary see below), while the Mastermind version has powers shuffled a fair bit.

Powersets that are exactly identical except one is a Primary while the other is Secondary (Dark Miasma, most Brute/Tanker melee sets) could be combined in the same table, however an exact method has not been decided on. Archery for example.

General Layout

Below we have some examples and code to help one get started making the power tables section of a powerset article. Included is both the traditional as well as the current split pri/sec attempts. Note that the template creates an in-article link to the power specified in power name.

CODE traditional

The {{PAGENAME}} powerset is available as a <pri/sec> set for [[<Archetype>]]s. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level:

{{Powers_LevelRow|Icon=<power icon(without Image:)>.png|Power=<power name>|Level=<level>|Effect=<short help text>|Border=1}} What would happen if we left Border off? it seems to be 1 no matter what
{{Powers_LevelRow|Icon=ForceField ForceBubble.png|Power=Test Power|Level=1|Effect=Toggle: Self +Resist (Nerf)|Border=1}}

Power Level Effect
Power Missing.png <power name> <level> <short help text>
ForceField ForceBubble.png Test Power 1 Toggle: Self +Resist (Nerf)

CODE pri/sec split

The {{PAGENAME}} powerset is available as a primary set for [[Blaster]]s, or as a secondary set for [[Defender]]s. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level:

{{Powers_SplitLevelRow|Icon=<power icon>.png|Power=<power name>|PriLevel=<primary level>|SecLevel=<secondary level>|Effect=<short help text>|Border=1}}
{{Powers_SplitLevelRow|Icon=Archery_MediumArrow.png|Power=Aimed Shot|PriLevel=1|SecLevel=2|Effect=Ranged, Moderate Damage (Lethal)|Border=1}}

Power Level as Primary Level as Secondary Effect
Power Missing.png <power name> <primary level> <secondary level> <short help text>
Archery MediumArrow.png Aimed Shot 1 2 Ranged, Moderate Damage (Lethal)


Expanded and detailed list of powers in the set. Most well established powersets have this list sorted in alphabetical order. Konoko would rather they be in level order, but this does not work on Force Field and most Stalker secondaries

General Layouts

The powers section makes liberal use of the PowerBlock templates. Also of note are the Enhancement and Set templates. This section needs a better way of describing each template

=== [[Image:Power Icon.png]] Power Name ===

In game description --as stated, in game description. some powers have notes here

{{PowerBlock_Start}} --required, starts a wiki table
{{PowerBlock_Recharge|Slow}} --recharge description, at this time no numbers
{{PowerBlock_Damage|Minor(Lethal)}} --damage description
{{PowerBlock_Level|[[Image:V archetypeicon brute.png|18px]] 10 (Brute)}} --archetype icon, level, and archetype name
{{PowerBlock_Blank|[[Image:Archetypeicon tanker.png|18px]] 6 (Tanker)}} --additional archetype, note the use of PowerBlock_BLank
{{PowerBlock_Effects|Toggle}} --some articles put all effects on one line, others break them up, use best judgment
{{PowerBlock_Blank|Self +Resist (Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Knockback)}}
{{PowerBlock_Enhancements|{{Reduce Endurance Cost}}}} --use enhancement template so that all articles look consistent
{{PowerBlock_Blank|{{Enhance Defense}}}} --more enhancements
{{PowerBlock Sets|{{Set Defense}}}} --use invention set template (icon is in dispute(as in just added))

{{PowerBlock_End}} --end of wikitable

Archery MediumArrow.png Aimed Shot

Though it takes longer to execute, your Aimed Shot deals greater damage than Snap Shot.

Damage High(Lethal)
Recharge Moderate
Minimum Level Archetypeicon blaster.png 1 (Blaster)
Archetypeicon defender.png 2 (Defender)
Effects Ranged
Enhancements TO Training Endurance Cost.png Reduce Endurance Cost
TO Training Range.png Enhance Range
TO Training Attack Rate.png Increase Attack Rate
TO Training Damage.png Enhance Damage
TO Training Accuracy.png Enhance Accuracy
Set Categories IO Ranged Damage.png Ranged Damage

Pet Layouts

Many Mastermind powers and other Pet summoning powers have an additional section that describes the pet's powers. For now, here's an example from Thugs.

Thugs HirePosse.png Call Thugs

Calls forth one to three Thugs (the second is available at level six, the third at level eighteen) to do your bidding. The third Thug you gain will be an Arsonist. Thugs use Dual Pistols and can be taught additional pistol attacks. You may only have 3 Thugs under your control at any given time. If you attempt to call more Thugs, you can only replace the ones you have lost in battle. If you already have three, the power will fail. ((Note: THe Arsonist Appears to have the Scourge Ability.))

Recharge Very Long
Minimum Level V archetypeicon mastermind.png 1 (Mastermind)
Effects Summon 1-3 Thugs
Thug Level 1 and 6 pets are Punks
Basic Powers Inherent Brawl.png Brawl (Smashing)
Thugs TargetedRangedMinorDmg.png Pistols (Minor Damage)
Equip Powers Thugs TargetedRangedHeavyDmg.png Dual Wield (Moderate Damage)
Upgrade Powers Thugs ConeRangedModerateDmg.png Empty Clips(Cone Moderate Damage)
Arsonist Level 18 pet is an Arsonist
Basic Powers Inherent Brawl.png Brawl (Smashing)
FireBlast FireBall.png Molotov Cocktail (AoE Minor DoT)
Equip Powers FireBlast ArcOfFire.png Spit Fire (Cone Moderate DoT)
Upgrade Powers AssaultWeapons ARM30grenade.png Fire Bomb (AoE)
Enhancements TO Training Endurance Cost.png Reduce Endurance Cost
TO Training KnockBack Distance.png Enhance Knockback Distance
TO Training Defense DeBuff.png Enhance Defense Debuff
TO Training Damage.png Enhance Damage
TO Training Accuracy.png Enhance Accuracy
Set Categories IO Pet Damage.png Pet Damage

Powers History

Optional section that could contain very brief description of changes to the powerset. See Regeneration#Powers History for example.

External Links

Most powersets are detailed on, however the layout of the website has changed. Other websites that detail or discuss the powerset could be linked to from here.


Not a section, but powersets should be in these categories

  • All powersets should be in the Power Sets category
    [[Category:Power Sets]]
  • Each powerset should also be in the applicable Primary or Secondary category for the archetype that use them.
    Example: Dual Blades
    [[Category:Tanker Primary]]
    [[Category:Scrapper Secondary]]
    [[Category:Brute Secondary]]
    [[Category:Stalker Secondary]]