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Paragon City, RI, APR 30, 2007
80 cents
Vol. 177 No. 121

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Statesman’s Call To Arms
File:ParagonTimes call to arms main.jpg
Statesman addresses the crowd

By James Stark

PARAGON CITY, Rhode Island, April 30 – A stalwart Statesman addressed the heroes of Paragon City today at an early morning press conference in front of City Hall in Atlas Park. He was accompanied by several members of the Freedom Phalanx, including Numina and Sister Psyche, and called the conference to discuss the ongoing threat of the Rogue Isles.

“In the past year and a half, Lord Recluse has become more daring and dangerous in his quest for power. We have seen these ‘rogue isles’ threaten our daily safety and security, and act as a refuge for those who would cause mayhem in our streets and strife in our homes.

“Today we have reason to believe that Lord Recluse is plotting his most ambitious scheme yet – one which may jeopardize the balance of power across the entire globe. And we need the help of Paragon’s bravest and boldest heroes to oppose him and put a halt to his madness.”

Statesman explained that agents of Longbow had infiltrated Grandville at extreme risk to their own lives, and confirmed reports that Lord Recluse’s minions were constructing a weapon of mass destruction, some sort of Doomsday device.

Sister Psyche added her voice to Statesman’s call to arms. “Recluse has successfully kept his plans under wraps up until this point. In addition to this Doomsday device, we have also noticed increased build-ups of Arachnos military forces throughout the Rogue Isles. Is Recluse building a rapid strike force? Is he planning a full scale invasion? We just don’t know … yet.

What we do know is that if he is successful it will be very bad for all of us. And that’s where Paragon’s greatest heroes come in.”

Statesman explained that his plan called for a team of eight heroes to travel to the Rogue Isles via a covert Longbow mini-sub. The timing and specific location of the mission would be kept under wraps for security reasons, and told only to the task force. Statesman did reveal their basic objectives, however, including the investigation of the design and purpose of “the Web,” Recluse’s giant construction project over Grandville. Additionally, the task force would be responsible for tracking down the mastermind believed responsible for this undertaking, Arbiter Sands.

Arbiter Sands is a veteran member of the Arachnos Arbiter Corps, the elite agents of Lord Recluse. Very little is known of him outside the Rogue Isles, however an FBSA official revealed that Arbiter Sands was spotted in Overbrook recently, leading an Arachnos exploratory force. The FBSA cannot confirm whether Arachnos’s activities in Overbrook are tied in to this newest threat or not.

“I know we can muster our courage and prevail against this evil of Lord Recluse’s. If we lose our resolve, we put all of the citizens of Paragon City at risk, because if we fail to get the job done in the Rogue Isles, Arachnos will certainly follow us here.”

Heroes who wish to answer Statesman’s call should see him in Independence Port.

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