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The Paragon Times
Vol. 174 No. 378
March 9, 2005

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The 2005 Icon Spring Fashion Sneak Peek

By Jennifer Baker & Jackson Turner
Times Staff

STEEL CANYON, March 9, 2005 -- From image consulting to complete image makeovers, Icon Image Specialists is the fashion source for Paragon City’s discerning super-powered hero. With three locations staffed by the fashion industry’s most innovative designers and consultants, Icon is the recognized leader in the design and creation of the latest hero haute couture and prêt a porter.

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With the arrival of Spring, Icon is gearing up for its new line, and the Paragon Times was granted an exclusive sneak peek at the latest fashions that will soon be available to our city's heroes. Serge, the renowned Los Angeles designer, now manager of the Steel Canyon location, said, "This year we will be offering a more extensive line that emphasizes comfort, stylish functionality, and something we call 'component matching.'"

When asked to elaborate on this, Serge nodded rapidly and smiled. "It's basically 'mix and match' taken to a higher level. We've created designs that are not only suited for interchangeability but are integral to the concept." Serge pointed to one of the photographs on his desk. "Miki is wearing the basic motorcycle jacket with matching t-shirt, pants and sneakers. From there, the combinations are limited only by personal taste. Change the pants. Add boots and gloves. Change the shirt. Mix up the colors. It's always going to look good."

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Lauren, head designer at the Independence Port location, opened up her design book and tapped a photograph, "Here's Lin in a very stylish short martial arts robe with tasseled belt. We'll be featuring a wide variety of long and short robes for both males and females. From traditional kimono-types to wu-shu martial arts styles. We've also added traditional footwear like sandals and slip-on shoes. Comfortable. Loose-fitting. Durable. Heroes wearing these will definitely look sharp."

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Icon Image Specialists

In another example, Lauren pointed out how a popular look can be transformed into something original. "Lilith has taken the classic private school design with pleated skirt, added an open vest, slipped on some gloves, and gothed it up a bit. It's a fashionable mixture of dark and innocent. Now she's ready to party or kick villain butt. Either way, she'll be looking very cool doing it. We're really excited by the tremendous amount of variety that's being offered. We've made it even easier to create combinations that suit the individuality of the hero. You're unique--why not show it with a great look!"

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When asked about the Asian influence in many of the new designs, Founders' Falls Icon manager Carson couldn't hide his excitement. "That's our biggest surprise!"

Serge and Lauren nodded in agreement. "Icon is proud to present the incredible ready-to-wear designs of Japan's renowned Sachi Nitsuma," Serge said. "Straight from the Ginza in Tokyo and Taipei's Eastern District! Her anime inspired fashions truly bridge the gap between Western and Asian themes and are simply stunning. From the wonderfully playful schoolgirl look, complete with school shoes, knee socks, and stuffed shoulder kitten; to the ultra cool motorcycle jacket; to dynamic jumpsuits and the traditional Asian student jacket... Sachi's designs are the epitome of Pacific-Rim chic: traditional, eye-catching, functional, and surprisingly fun to wear."

"And best of all, they're all very cross-coordinated--very component matching," said Carson. "If we had to sum up our 2005 Spring line it would be--perfect mix and match ability and lots of cool anime inspired designs."

So there you have it--a quick sneak peek at Icon's upcoming Spring line. It looks like the heroes of Paragon City will soon be fighting crime in high style.

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Vol. 174 No. 378
Paragon Times, March 9 , 2005

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