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Null the Gull

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Null the Gull

Null the Gull is an NPC in Pocket D where players can go to accept or deny several team buffs and travel powers, and also to see progress on the Dimensional Warder Badge. He is located on the "villain side", on top of a box van, at coordinates (-168, 12, -864).

Reality Altering Powers

As of Issue 20.5: Incarnates Ascend, Null the Gull is located in Pocket D, and is now the contact at which a player can change details on several powers. Null has several screens of dialogue, all leading to his "reality-altering powers":

Zwillinger posted about the reason for using a fourth-wall-breaking contact about functions that would be better placed in the Options Window:

I'm sure that Black Scorpion can confirm this, but to answer the question as to why Null's wonderful reality bending capabilities are not put into a UI/Options window: UI work takes a significant amount of time. Creating an NPC that offers these toggles takes significantly less time.
It is possible that at a later date these toggles could be turned into options menu item, however it's not within scope at this time. Why not wait until later to add it when we do have time on the schedule to make pretty UI options? Remember, Null is being added as a response to players concerns regarding the AoE buffs QOL improvement.

Note: Null is in the class of contact that will not talk to characters who are in an active Task Force.

Options Dialogue


Badge time.png This section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

Null was a seagull inhabiting Pocket D on Virtue server from May 1st, 2011, to May 2nd, 2011. His coordinates were (-56.0, 18.0, -1076.9). He was an NPC that, when clicked on, appeared to be named "Paragonian Citizen", yet when he spoke (using random lines from actual civilian NPCs) his name appeared as "(null)." When clicked on, he told the time, e.g. "The official time is 12:00 AM." A loyal cult of followers found him and praised him as Null the Gull.

He was removed by Zwillinger on May 2nd, 8:00 PM EST. A torchlight vigil was held after his deletion.

During the Paragon Studios live UStream broadcast on May 10th, 2011, Beastyle hinted at Null's possible return.

After a lengthy visit by Beastyle to Atlas Park on Virtue, a Costume Contest was held. One of the attendees was Null, this time as a PC (an AR/Devices Blaster) named Null D. Gull. He also had a gold title, Time Telling Bird. It's unknown who was playing Null, but it's assumed to be Zwillinger, since he was known to be online at the time.