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Note from Hopkins

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From the Task Force "Following Countess Crey" given by Manticore.

Souvenir's Text

Note from Hopkins

You've kept this note from Countess Crey's faithful servant, Hopkins. It's a reminder of the time you spent:

Following Countess Crey

From the first grim words Manticore spoke, it was apparent that this would not be a standard job. After you pulled an informant named Drake out of a Crey facility, it became clear that Manticore was right. Countess Crey was walking in the shadows.

Using Drake's information, you shut down a Crey facility trying to merge Rikti technology with high-powered computer systems. A mysterious tip on a computer screen pointed you toward a possible encounter with the countess herself. The message's sender claimed to be Dr. Friedkin, a former Crey employee now consigned to life in a machine.

Friedkin's tip did lead you to the countess' location, but your quarry escaped.

With no good leads to work from, you took Manticore's advice and rousted some Crey agents. One of them divulged the location of another Crey facility.

You went to the facility, and it seemed that luck was on your side. You found another message from Dr. Friedkin.

But it was a trap. The countess had discovered that Friedkin was helping you, and the second message was nothing but Countess Crey's ruse. Despite the overwhelming forces she summoned to defeat you, you prevailed.

The countess then tried a different tactic. Her forces kidnapped City Councilman Birch and threatened to kill him unless you could save him in time. She hoped that you would fail, thus ruining your reputation, but you rescued the councilman in the nick of time.

But it wasn't over yet. It seemed Hopkins took your actions against Countess Crey as a personal affront. He put a test before you, and the reward was a battle with him.

Having passed Hopkins' test, you were guided to his location. In an epic battle, you defeated the countess' most trusted minion.

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