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New Player Pack

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ParagonMarket NewPlayerPack.png
The New Player Pack is a special free bundle of items on the Paragon Market that is available to new players of City of Heroes Freedom. It contains several buffs, boosts, and powers that normally must be purchased separately.

Note: The New Player Pack may only be purchased once per account.


ParagonMarket Knowledgeable.png Knowledgeable Badge
ParagonMarket XPBooster1.png XP Booster +25% XP for one hour
ParagonMarket DropBooster1.png Windfall +25% inf and reward drops for one hour
ParagonMarket TempPower Revival1.png Revival One charge of resurrect-self
ParagonMarket TempPower SignatureSummon.png Signature Summons Five Charges of Signature character echo, elite boss summon
ParagonMarket Power 30DayJetPack.png LKT-1700 Rocket Pack Temporary travel power that lasts 30 real days

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