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Nemesis portal wreckage

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From the Task Force "Explorers and Exploiters" given by Dr. Quaterfield.

Souvenir's Text

Nemesis Portal Wreckage

These pieces of technological wreckage were almost used by the Rularuu to escape the Shadow Shard. A dangerous situation. but it was only part of the action when you fought Crey. Nemesis. and the Rularuu as each side tried to become

Explorers and Exploiters

Dr. Thomas Quaterfield asked for your help to save the lives of several researchers who were in danger. One of the scientists told you that they'd seen another group of unknown researchers in the area.

You next fought some of the Rularuu. and found that some of them had scavenged pieces of Crey equipment.

You rescued another group of explorers who told you that they'd been ambushed by unknown attackers even before the Rularuu attacked them.

You next fought the Rularuu as searched for proof that Crey was in the Shadow Shard.

You next fought Crey themselves and rescued several missing scientists from them.

Following up. you fought Crey forces out in the Shadow Shard.

You next attacked a Crey forward base. and found information that could lead to more of their bases.

You struck the first of 4 Crey bases you found. taking it out.

You struck the next Crey base. shutting it down as well.

You took the third Crey base down. leaving one left.

You finally hit the last of the Crey bases you knew of. hoping it was their. main supply base. Unfortunately. it wasn't. however you did get some clues about how Crey might have found their way to the Shadow Shard in the first place without alerting Portal Corp.

You fought Crey in a base back in Paragon City. defeating them just as their captured specimens of the Rularuu were escaping. You also found evidence that Crey had somehow acquired new and untraceable portal technology.

You fought your way into another Paragon City Crey base as it was being over-run by escaping Rularuu specimens. Disturbingly. the captured Rularuu specimens. Disturbingly. the captured Rularuu specimens were trying to build a portal of their own. You got the situation under control. and also found out where Crey had gotten their new portal technology: The Nemesis Army.

You next broke up a meeting between the Nemesis Army and Crey Industries and discovered that the two groups had been working together to exploit the Shadow Shard.

With the information you gathered. you struck what might be a Nemesis Army base in the Shadow Shard. Your suspicions were soon confirmed when you found yourself battling Nemesis Army troops.

You next battled the Nemesis Army in a base on point Alpha. near Firebase Zulu. As you entered the base you found that the Rularuu were attacking it. trying to build a portal of their own. FIghting through the chaos. you found a schedule of upcoming inter-dimensional transfers that could be the key to shutting down Crey's operations in the Shadow Shard.

You attacked one of Crey's Portal bases and shut it down.

In retaliation to shutting down one of their portal bases. Crey over-rode one of the portals inside Firebase Zulu! You wrested control back from them.

You went to Paragon City and took out the other half of Crey's portal. found out that Crey had built a second set of portals!

You attacked the Shadow Shard side of Crey's second set of portals and found it already under heavy attack by the Rularuu. You destroyed another make-shift Rularuu portal and shut down Crey's base.

As you entered Paragon City base where Crey was running its second set of portals. you found yourself in a battle between Crey and the Rularuu. You prevailed. but found that several Rularuu had escaped with enough parts to build a portal of their own.

You discovered that the escaped Rularuu had fled to Oranbega. The underground city of the Circle of Thorns. you followed them. Breaking up their negotiations with the undead sorcerers and putting an end to their portal building

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