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Mission Architect Tags

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This page is about a player-created tagging system, not officially endorsed by the City of Heroes development team.


The following tags originated from the Mission Architect: Resources, Discussion, & Questions board on the official City of Heroes boards as a way for players to organize and search story arcs by varying criteria by creating a standard search string keyed to specific aspects of the arc. Their short length allows mission authors to highlight aspects of their arc while using less description space than would be required to write out the same information.

Adding these tags is purely optional, and at the author's discretion. Be aware that tagging your arc sets an expectation of the player for the arc to match what they are looking for in that type of arc, and if it does not meet their expectation it could affect the rating they give you.

Using Tags

When searching for tags simply put the text of the tag in your search box. For example, if you wanted to search for Story Focused Mission Arcs you would put SFMA into the search box. The brackets are not used for search because arcs with multiple tags do not put brackets around each tag.

When putting tags on your arc they needed to be placed in the Story Description of your arc under Story Details in the Architect. Place them at the end of your description with brackets ([]) surrounding the entire set of tags and with slashes (/) separating each individual tag. For example if you only wanted to tag your mission as a Story Focused Mission Arc you would put [SFMA] at the end of your Story Details field in the Architect. If you wanted to indicate your arc was a Story Focused Mission Arc, a Team Focused Mission Arc, and a Mid-Level Mission Arc then you would put [SFMA/TFMA/MLMA] at the end of the Story Details field in the Architect.

As a guideline when choosing which tags to affix to your arc generally the first tag will either be [SFMA] or [RBMA] to define what type of mission it is. After this the next common tags to add are applicable challange tags. Finally you would want to add any other tags that would help describe your arc, such as tags for genre, dramatic focus, etc.

Tag Listing

Mission Type Tags

  • [SFMA] - Story Focused Mission Arc
  • [RBMA] - Rewards Based Mission Arc (Use at your own risk. For 'legitimate' arcs only.)

Challenge Level Tags

  • [LBMA] - LowBie friendly Mission Arc
  • [MLMA] - Mid-Level Mission Arc (Appropriate for levels 20-40, Post SOs and Pre-Epic Pools)
  • [HLMA] - High Level Mission Arc (Appropriate for levels 40+)
  • [PCMA] - Pro Challenge Mission Arc
  • [SLMA] - Solo Friendly Mission Arc
  • [TFMA] - Team Focused Mission Arc (Put in Both PCMA and TFMA to designate a Team Pro Challenge)

Mission Descriptor Tags

  • [NCMA] - Non-Canon Mission Arc (Not grounded in COH canon, an "Elseworlds" arc.)
  • [FHMA] - For-Hire Mission Arc (Your character is brought in to work for the contact as hired help.)
  • [VSMA] - Villainous Self-Motivated Arc (Your character has their own goals, contact helps you instead.)
  • [SGMA] - Super Group specific Mission Arc (Specific for the author's SG. May not work well for others.)

Server Specific Tags

  • [TMARC] - Indicates arcs created by Triumph players
  • [VVSE] - VirtueVerse Story Enhanced. Indicates further fiction on the mission is located on VirtueVerse
  • [VVSE-Source] - Same as the above but indicates where that fiction is by lising a webpage or an article. EX: [VVSE-Soul Train], [VVSE-]

Genre Tags

  • [ACMA] - Architect System Mission Arc
  • [AFMA] - Allegory Focused Mission Arc
  • [CCMA] - Classic Comic Mission Arc
  • [CGMA] - Crime and Gangs Mission Arc
  • [CFMA] - Crisis Focused Mission Arc
  • [DFMA] - Drama Focused Mission Arc
  • [GDMA] - Global Domination Mission Arc
  • [HPMA] - Heist Plot Mission Arc
  • [HRMA] - Historical (Real) Mission Arc
  • [HCMA] - Historical (CoH) Mission Arc
  • [HDMA] - Holiday Mission Arc
  • [HGMA] - Horror Genre Mission Arc
  • [HFMA] - Humor Focused Mission Arc
  • [MFMA] - Magic Focused Mission Arc
  • [MWMA] - Military & Warfare Mission Arc
  • [MYMA] - Mystery Mission Arc
  • [MGMA] - Mythology & Gods Mission Arc
  • [NPMA] - Nemesis Plot Mission Arc
  • [OSMA] - Origin Story Mission Arc
  • [PRMA] - Puzzle & Riddles Mission Arc
  • [SCMA] - Science Fiction Mission Arc

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