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Mission:You Can't Go Home - Finale

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Dad's ok, Character, but he said they took mom and me fifteen years ago and this is the first he's seen or heard from either of us since.

Character... I... I know where my mom is. At least, I think I do. I need you to help me find her.

  • Help Katie find her mom

While you were in the B.A.F. I was thinking, a lot. Remember that lady in my dream, Character? The one who opened the door for me to leave? And I was talking about her after you freed me?

That was her. That was my mom. I couldn't see her, but now I know for sure that it was her. And I think I know where she is.

Don't you see, Character? If I'm psychic, and my dad isn't, then that means my mom must be psychic. She's a Seer, like I am. Now I just need to find her.

Let's see, she was contacting me in my dream. She woke me up. She showed me the door out...

That's the key, Character, the door! When the door in my dream closed, she was on the other side! She wasn't showing me just the way out, she was showing me where she was!

I know where to find her!

Katie Douglas

Unnecessary Solicitation

Come on, Character. My mom needs your help!


Ready to get teleported again?

  • Are you sure you're okay?
I'm fine now, I'm okay.
  • Alright, let's go! (Enter Mission)
  • Wait, wait, wait. I forgot something. (Leave)
  • Let's go! (Enter Mission)
  • Where are we even going?
I don't know what it's called, I just know where it is. Hang on.
  • Let's go! (Enter Mission)
  • Wait, wait, wait. I forgot something. (Leave)
  • Wait, wait, wait. I forgot something. (Leave)

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tech_Bio_45_Layout_04_01

This facility is massive.

  • Help Katie find her mom
    • Find Katie's Mother

You learned that Katie Douglas' mother, Alice Douglas, was Seer 0001, the first Seer.

Seer 0001


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers

Notable NPCs

Seer 0001 is the first Seer created to defend Praetoria city. She is also Katie Douglas' mother.
  • Katie Douglas (Seers Lieutenant, Ally)
Katie Douglas, aka Seer 1381, has broken free of the Seer Network. She is now on a race against time to save her family before time runs out for her.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! At 75%, 50%, and 25% health, Seer 0001 will call numerous allies to her, and will vanish until the ambushing Seers have been defeated.


Character... It's ok. I'm alright.

My mom... she... she was already gone. She was gone a long time ago. I understand that now.

Her last act of love was to free me from the Network. But I misinterpreted it as a call for help. She didn't close that door in my dream to show me where she was, she did it to try and keep me away.

Katie grimaces and puts a hand to her forehead.

Before she left she told me, 'Survival is not the same as living. With what precious time that is fated you I would see that you live free rather than survive caged.'