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Mission:Where Even Death May Die - Part Two: Take A Number

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Part Two: Take A Number


I've been studying the magical wards around the Midnight Mansion, specifically the points where the magic shattered and gave intelligence to the Animus Arcana, and what I found was interesting.

There is a definite pattern at work here. Every point where the spells broke free and gained a spark of life was a spell lain down by Percy Winkley. From what I gather, when he died the spells he wove into the Mansion's main Ward reacted in a way I don't fully understand. Ultimately, Percy's death gave them life.

If we could return Percy Winkley to life, then perhaps the Animus Arcana would revert back to their previous state, or at the very least, perhaps Percy could instruct us in how to get them under control.

  • And how are we supposed to do that?

When Percy died, like any other living being, his soul journeyed to the Netherworld. Whispering Coyote will know how to track him down. If we are to return Percy to even a semblance of life, we cannot do it without his soul.

Talk to Whispering Coyote

Unnecessary Solicitation

Whispering Coyote is mentioned in the Manual of the Dead as a wise and tricky spirit guide, but also an expert on the spirits of the dead. Perhaps he can shed some light on how to locate Percy's soul.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Whispering Coyote

Contact Small Whispering Coyote.jpg
Whispering Coyote



There is good news and bad news, I'm afraid. The good news is that Percy Winkley's soul is not lost. With the spirit realm merging with the realm of the living, the spirits of the recently dead cannot go to the next world. However, the bad news is that he is most certainly under the watchful eye of the Drudges.


The Drudges are creatures native to the Netherworld that are tasked with making sure the realm of the dead serves its function.


With all the recent deaths in the world of the living, the Drudges have started to move away from the spirituality of their duty and have instead adopted a rigid new system. It is terribly efficient, ensuring that souls get to where they are going much more quickly. The trouble is, the journey to the afterlife with a Spirit Guide was the whole point.


Instead, the Spirit Guides who used to escort an individual soul on its spiritual journey to the afterlife, now work tirelessly gathering up souls and bringing them to processing centers at the behest of the Taskmaster's Office. In return for delivering souls, the Taskmaster's Office is paid in wax. Wax keeps a Drudge's spiritual flame burning. Without the spirits of the dead, the Drudges get no wax, and without wax, the Drudges fade away.


With Night Ward apparently cut off from the rest of the Netherworld, the Drudges are a bit... concerned. The Taskmaster's Office has set up a temporary central office to deal with the back up of souls they've been receiving. If Percy's soul is still in Night Ward, we can find out where they're keeping him there. I'll show you where it is.


Icon clue generic.png
Drudge Office
Whispering Coyote told you of a location where the Drudges keep death records for the spirits of the dead, you can find Percy's whereabouts there.
Determine Percy Winkley's Whereabouts

Unnecessary Solicitation

So the Drudges most likely have Percy's soul? That is both fortunate, and unfortunate. If they have it, we know where to find it, but you'll also have to deal with the Drudges, and they loathe outsiders.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: Abandoned_Office_30_Layout_11

The Drudges are definitely in here; the place smells like ten thousand birthday candles

  • Determine Percy Winkley's Whereabouts
    • Find Percy's records

You found Percy's Record!


V badge Drudges.png Drudges

You open the records and find it filled with wooden tubes studded with holes. As you pick one up it emits a verbal record of the individual it is about.

Icon clue generic.png
Percy Winkley's Death Record
You found this small wooden recorder in the Drudge office. Blowing into it you hear an audio recording regarding the soul of Percy Winkley and his fate. He was sent to the transit center to await travel orders to the afterlife.
Find Percy's Soul

Unnecessary Solicitation

These records indicate that Percy's soul is awaiting processing and transit to the next world at the Drudge processing center in Lamplighter Junction.

Mission Objective(s)


The souls of the dead are countless, how are you going to find Percy Winkley in this haunted haystack?

  • Find Percy's Soul
    • Confront the Taskmaster in charge here
    • Get Percy Winkley's Soul
    • Escort Percy's Soul Out

You rescued Percy Winkley's soul


V badge Drudges.png Drudges

Notable NPCs

  • Taskmaster Carlyle (Enemy, Drudge Taskmaster Boss)
  • Soul of Percy Winkley (Hostage)


Grrr... Outsiders! Always double dealing. Guess I haven't much choice with how you're knockin' wax left and right here. What is it you want? Maybe we can come to a mutually beneficial deal here.

  • Percy Winkley, I need his soul.

I should have guessed. Such a fume to that one. What do you have to exchange? He's worth quite a bit to me.

  • Give me Percy and he can help you get back on schedule.
Back on schedule? Then, you know what has happened? Well... One soul is a small price to pay to ship off the lot of these to their destination.
Why, I'm losing wax every minute this station remains inoperative.
Alright... I'll give you Percy... But after that you hold up your end of the bargain and fix things, no more, no less.
  • It's a deal!
  • How about I don't destroy you? Fair trade?
You... Arrogant...
Kill him / her!
  • (Fight!)
I'll be seeing you soon...

Icon clue generic.png
Soul of Percy Winkley
The bumbling and confused soul of Percy Winkley accompanies you now, taken from the Drudges before he could be shipped off to the afterlife.


You found Percy's Soul...


I must admit, I was not sure how I would react upon seeing him once more, but despite all the evil he unleashed upon us that fateful day... and since, I choose to believe that there is still some good left in him.

Montague's decrepit face twists into one of deep thought.

If Percy was able to find the courage to sacrifice himself for another, then I too can find it in my heart to forgive his evil. Besides, there is a lot of work yet to be done and we need his help.

If ever you are in need, I will be there, Character.