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Mission:Tipping the Scales - Part Three: Call to Action

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Part Three: Call to Action

Mission Briefing

You've been doing excellent work, Character, but we're still behind in this war against the Council. Every victory we get causes them to fortify their position in Striga Isle. I'm speaking with a man named Admiral Sutter about the situation.

Grant Creston was contacted by Positron about uniting the Vindicators and Freedom Phalanx in an attack on Striga Isle. He should be meeting with the groups at any minute now.

We need you to attend the meeting as the official representative of the New Praetorians. After that, Grant will continue his investigations regarding Arakhn.

  • Everyone working together? Sounds like a plan.

Exactly. You'll be leading the charge once we get everything settled. Both groups still have their hands full, of course, but we must try to convince them that this is the only way we're going to win this war against the Council.

I'll give you the location where Grant is meeting with the others. They may not listen to him, but I'm sure they'll listen to what you have to say on the matter.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Provost Marchand's line is busy.

Mission Objective(s)


Something definitely isn't right. The Council is here! Have they attacked the Phalanx and the Vindicators?

  • Meet with the Paragon Supergroups
    • Find Grant Creston
    • Defeat Arakhn

You defeated Arakhn and discovered more of the Council's true plans!


Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Grant Creston.jpg
Grant Creston


Grant Creston looks like he's been badly injured. Whoever did this wanted him alive to send a message to you. Grant wheezes painfully.

There... never was... a meeting. It was a trick... by Arakhn... she wants to show that... the Council will win... no matter what... that they will always be... a step ahead... of us. Y-you have to stop her... Character.

Don't be... intimidated... by her... or these... Nictus freaks...

I can... I can help... I can still get up and... do something...

  • You've done enough, Grant. (Activate Grant's medi-porter)


Arakhn: I told you, Requiem, I am the only leader of the Nictus. You wish to argue that?
Requiem: I'm merely giving you a chance, Arakhn. The 5th Column is rising.
Requiem: Join myself and the Reichsman and you will keep control over your Nictus.
Arakhn: Pah! Once the Center's plans are finished, the Nictus will be stronger than ever!
Requiem: ... Hah. We'll see how you fare against Character, then. Good day, Arakhn.

Icon clue generic.png
The Nictus Gambit
Arakhn teleported away, but what she said made you think that the Council are starting to gear up their Nictus forces. The attacks that you've been repelling haven't been major invasions - they've been tests by the Council to see how much firepower they need to take Paragon City and America!


Grant is recovering in Brickstown's hospital. He put up a damn good fight against Arakhn.

We were fooled by them, Character. They wanted to split us apart. They were just using the attacks on Founders' Falls and Croatoa to test their toys, and we showed them that they needed to do better.

The Phalanx and Vindicators are still busy dealing with other threats in both Paragon and around the world. It's up to us to finish this, and we are going to finish it. We're done chasing around the Council wherever they pop up, Character. No more tests, no more doing things the safe way.