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Mission:Tipping the Scales - Part Four: Praetoria's Fury

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Part Four: Praetoria's Fury

Mission Briefing

The Center and Calvin Scott think they have everything set to go for their invasion of America. Calvin Scott's army believes they have the know-how to defeat the soldiers of Primal Earth, while the Council has their parade of monstrosities. The Center is betting that we're too scared to try to attack them head-on. I lost the last gamble against him - I won't lose this one. We're going to prove him wrong, Character.

The time for caution is over. We're going to attack the Council's volcano base in Striga Isle head-on. Pendragon and Aurora report that the base's defenses are astronomical compared to earlier reports. They're getting something ready in there, Character, and we're going to stop it. I need to warn you, however, about one thing...

  • What is it?

This could very well be a suicide mission. The New Praetorians are down one man. At most, it's going to be yourself, Pendragon, Riptide, and Aurora against the Council's army. They'll have War Walkers, Vampryi, and Nictus waiting to destroy you.

By all accounts, we should not win this battle. However, I know you, Character. I know that if there's anyone who can pull through with this, it would be you.

Admiral Sutter has agreed to help us out. He and his men are going to take their vessel and bring us straight to Striga Isle. From there, Alec Parson will manage a teleportation system to get you past their walls and into the heart of the Council territory.

I don't know what you'll find in there, Character, or what your goal should be. All I can tell you is this: give them Hell.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Marchand's line has been turned off.

Mission Objective(s)


Admiral Sutter's ship comes to a stop. One of his crew announces that they've reached the outside limits of Striga Isle.

  • Assault Striga Isle
    • Speak with Provost Marchand
    • 50 Council to defeat
    • Teleport to Striga
    • Destroy the Council Generator
    • Defeat the Council War Walkers
    • Confront Marauder
    • Defeat the Goliath War Walkers

You've established a front to attack the Council's base!


Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Volunteer Soldier.jpg
Volunteer Soldier


We're all here from various divisions of the military. What we all have in common is loyalty and friendship to Admiral Sutter.

We all jumped at the chance to man this ship to help you in the attack on Striga, sir / ma'am.

We'll move in once you establish the front. We all know you can do this, sir / ma'am.

  • Thanks for the support.


When Provost Marchand asked me for support in attacking Striga Isle, I knew it had to be backing you, Character. I still think of our time working together to fight off the Praetorian invasion.

I've spoken with the man called Riptide, the one who was at the forefront of the invasion. I don't harbor any ill will towards him. He's not a zealot, not like some of the others. He's a soldier, plain and simple.

I've gone on long enough, however. You don't have time to talk to this veteran, Character. There's an island of fascists out there that need a good punch to the face.

  • Thanks, Admiral. I'll handle it from here.


Alright, Character, we're here. Alec Parson is starting the teleporter now. You and the others will be taken past the walls.

Sutter has his naval ship outside of their firing range; they have enough turrets and War Walkers that they could blow us out of the water. Are you ready to go in with the others?

  • I'm ready, let's go.
  • Tell the others to stay and defend the ship. I'll go it alone.
Are you sure, Character? We could use the support, yes, but you're putting yourself in extreme danger by going after the Council by yourself.
The difficulty of the next part of the mission is extremely high. It is not advised to do the following alone and without any support from NPC allies or other players.
  • On second thought, I'll take the help.
  • This has to be done, Marchand. Start the teleporter.


Good luck out there! Sorry that I can't make it, but I need to handle the teleporter here. I kind of set it up at the very last minute, but I promise it'll work!

I've ran tests on some of the clockwork I built to make sure. Oh, you should've seen the initial results! One of them was teleported into a wall, and the other appeared on the ocean floor!

I'm just happy no one saw that... but I promise you have nothing to worry about, it's 100% working now!

  • ...

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! An ambush wave appears after every 10 Council are defeated.


Character, hold your horses. Calvin Scott's gone in full retreat after he saw me comin' after him.

I used those Council fools to get my powers back. I know, the whole traitor deal, but I saw how you moved, you didn't need me 'round for this part. Someone had to get on the inside, and those idiots figured I'd be desperate enough to act like a spoiled dog.

I woulda tried to take 'em all on by myself, but there's way too many in that volcano base for me to handle. I figured I'd make my move now to get outta there and meet up with you and the others. You ready to do this?

  • How do I know I can trust you?


I would say amazing, Character, but then I would sound like a broken record. Your courage and power remind me of Emperor Cole... before he became the man known as Tyrant.

Marauder is on Admiral Sutter's ship now. I want to believe he was working to help us the entire time... but part of me is still suspicious of his motives. We'll need to investigate more to see if he truly is on our side... or perhaps, put him to the test.

If what he said is true, we have one final battle on our hands, which is to bring down Calvin Scott, the Council base, and the remaining Council generals.

We're almost to the end of this, Character - we just have one last battle.