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Mission:Tip - Whispered Rumor

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EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This Tip mission is part of the Halloween Event. It is dropped by defeating Trick or Treat enemies while in costume, even if the character already has three Tips. This tip is available only to Primal Earth characters above level 20; it is not available to characters in Praetoria, regardless of level.


Whispered Rumors of the Malleus Mundi

You've heard rumors that the Circle of Thorns once again have their hands on the Malleus Mundi, and are hiding it in a location most secure.

Whispered Rumor

Hushed voices speak of the Malleus Mundi and it's connection to the Circle of Thorns.

This time of year brings out a special kind of madness and it has usually been connected to the Malleus Mundi, an ancient text of unimaginable power. This year is no different.

  • Investigate the rumors...

The Malleus Mundi is an ancient text, one of the oldest bound books known to still be in existence. It is a magical focal point as well as a book of some of the most powerful spells ever devised. Whispers speak of its powers being able to bind gods, destroy moons, and re-write the fabric of reality itself.

Rumors now speak of the Circle of Thorns, the magical villain organization from Primal Earth, having their hands on the book, or at least a version of the book. They have never been able to hold onto the Malleus Mundi for any length of time. Someone always tracks them down and takes it from them. Some might say that the book wants to cause strife and conflict, and it uses its own powers to make it so.

If true, the Circle of Thorns can not possibly keep the book secured. You have a chance to recover it. The Circle have once again tried to secure the book from interlopers, this time by hiding it in a dimension different than their native one: Praetoria. If the Malleus Mundi wants to it can turn any door into a portal to the Circle's lair on Praetoria, giving you access. From then on, you are on your own.

  • Recover the Malleus Mundi.

With resignation you accept the task at hand. One question burns your mind though: what exactly will YOU do with the Malleus Mundi once you recover it?

Mission Objective(s)

Magical energy resonates around you. The Malleus Mundi did want you here, otherwise that door would have just been a door.

Far off in the distance you hear the electronic chatter and clanking of Praetorian Clockwork making their way down here as well.

  • Recover the Malleus Mundi
    • Defeat Libri Vermis
    • Clockwork arrival time 5:00

You have defeated Libris Vermis and recovered the Malleus Mundi.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

If the Clockwork Arrival Time expires you will be ambushed by several waves of Praetorian Clockwork.

The timer can be extended by futzing with the devices found inside the mission.


After completing this mission, you may select your choice of reward:

Keep the Malleus Mundi secure

In order to prevent this from happening again, you decide that the best protector of the Malleus Mundi is yourself.

By choosing this reward, you will receive the Secured badge and a piece of rare Arcane Salvage.

File:Badge event halloween2010 gold.png Secured

You have kept the Malleus Mundi secure the best way you know how, by securing it yourself.

Use the Malleus Mundi to gain personal power

Oh yeah, this thing is REAL power. You can USE this.

By choosing this reward, you will receive the Power Hungry badge and a rare Invention Recipe.

File:Badge event halloween2010 red.png Power Hungry

The Malleus Mundi has real power, and you've tapped into some of its potential.

Attempt to destroy the Malleus Mundi

It might not be permanent, but you'll make the effort.

By choosing this reward, you will receive the Artifact Destroyer badge and a piece of rare Arcane Salvage.

File:Badge event halloween2010 gray.png Artifact Destroyer

You have gone about the proper ritual to destroy the Malleus Mundi, but you are unsure if it is truly gone.

Hide the Malleus Mundi

Can a magical artifact such as this ever truly be hidden?

By choosing this reward, you will receive the Veiled badge, and a Rock Temporary Power, and a random Large Inspiration.

File:Badge event halloween2010 green.png Veiled

You have done your best to hide the Malleus Mundi in a place where it can never be found.

Send the Malleus Mundi to MAGI

It might not be completely secure, but you could gain some influence out of the donation.

By choosing this reward, you will receive the Trusting badge and 100,000 inf.

WARNING: The Trusting badge will replace the Arriviste badge.

File:Badge event halloween2010 blue.png Trusting

You've handed the Malleus Mundi over to MAGI for safekeeping. You Hope.

Sell the Malleus Mundi to the highest bidder

Time to profit off your hard work.

By choosing this reward, you will receive the Arriviste badge and 100,000 inf.

WARNING: The Arriviste badge will replace the Trusting badge.

File:Badge event halloween2010 blue.png Arriviste

Selling the Malleus Mundi to the highest bidder is a choice that may come back to haunt you.