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Mission:Tip - Violent Cartoon, Moral Lessons

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Villain
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Violent Cartoon, Moral Lessons

Alignment Mission

You walk by a television in the window of a small electronics shop and see an old cartoon on featuring some veteran military types fighting against a band of global terrorists wearing all kinds of ridiculous costumes that match their names. The animation is terrible and the plot is as thin as a used tissue.

Despite this, you seem oddly intrigued by the episode because one character, the hard bitten do-or-die guy on the good guys side, has just risked everything to rescue the idiot green horn of the group and then chastised him for being too trusting of the inherent good in the bad guys. After shooting up the badguy positions, the cool guy encourages the kid to join him in his attack, and together they fight off the bad guys and save the day.

This reminds you of a certain Officer Kuwalski in Longbow. You aren't sure how he got his officer rank, but he has displayed complete ineptitude when dealing with villain groups like the Freakshow and the 5th Column, nearly getting himself killed on several occasions. You figure that it's about time a hard-bitten veteran like yourself scares him smart and makes a real crime fighter out of him, so you gave him a call and told him to help you take out a gathering of the Lost in an abandoned outpost.

VILLAIN: I'll make Kuwalski into a force for good, even if it kills him!


The Lost have taken over an abandoned warehouse loaded with all kinds of advanced Rikti weaponry. You're hoping that such a dangerous group of murderous thugs will encourage Kuwalski to abandon his near suicidal practice of trying to apprehend and arrest several dozen armed super mutants by himself. Today, Kuwalski is going to learn that showing mercy to scum like The Lost just encourages them to attempt more and more sinister crimes. The only way to really deal with them is to deliver justice upon them then and there. After all, that's what they keep trying to do to you.

  • It's time Kuwalski learned how to fight crime... and kill it.

Officer Kuwalski has a lot of potential, but believes a little too much in the inherent good of others. There's only one person between life and death out here fighting crime in the streets, and that's you. If you're weak, you wind up dead, if you're strong, then evil perishes.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Find Kuwalski (hopefully he hasn't gotten himself killed) and then show him how ruthless he has to be to survive in this line of work.

Mission Objective(s)

Your communicator picks up a panicked burst from Officer Kuwalski. Sounds like he's gotten himself into trouble.

  • Teach Officer Kuwalski a lesson
    • Rescue Officer Kuwalski
    • Talk to Kuwalski
    • Take Kuwalski to the Mind Probe
    • Explain Things To Kuwalski
    • Beat down Kuwalski

Kuwalski was a waste. You tried to show him that he wasn't tough enough or smart enough to survive. You gave him every opportunity to make the changes he needed, and in the end, what did he do? He called you the monster, the bad guy. You saved his life, taught him how to save himself, and then he tried to take you in like you are one of The Lost!? Kuwalski died that day, but it wasn't by your hands, it was by his own.


Badge villain lost.png The Lost

Notable NPCs


You saved Officer Kuwalski from certain torture and death at the hands of The Lost, told him what he needed to do to survive in this harsh reality, and he turned around and spit in your face. Even after giving him every chance, he had the gall to turn on you and call you a villain! You! A villain? Well, you showed him exactly what a villain would do to a weak willed fool like him, and now he's dead. The only saving grace of the entire despicable affair is that at least nobody got satisfaction out of killing a member of Longbow. Had The Lost done it, then it would have only encouraged them to kill more. With Kuwalski's blood on your hands it is just another reminder that the war against evil isn't over yet, and people are going to die. Lots of people.