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Mission:Tip - Stuttered Plea For Help

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Villains and Rogues
Level range 20–29
Choice Villain or Rogue
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Stuttered Plea For Help (20-29)

You find a radio on the ground with a message playing over and over. It appears to be a plea for help. You listen in...

S-s-somebody, anybody, p-p-please help me! My n-n-name is Steven Werner, I am on the run from the Family. They're after me for v-v-v...various reasons that I cannot getinto. R-r-regardless, a capo named Paulie "The Gun Show" Morrini is out for my b-b-blood.

I will pay whoever helps me top d-d-dollar to take down Paulie and his goons - whatever you want, you've g-g-got it!

It seems like another rich person in the Isles is on the run from the Family. You've heard of Steven Werner - he deals in high priced magical artifacts, frequently traded in Sharkhead Isle, meaning that he has more money than he knows what to do with. Some say he frequently gives these artifacts to help out heroes in Paragon City. Whatever artifact the Family is after, it must be important.

Getting the Family off of his case would equal a large payday and perhaps access to his secret collections. However, storming where he is currently hiding would allow you access to whatever item he's hiding from the Family.

Villain Acceptance


If Steven Werner is going through the trouble of offering everything he has to protect this one item, it must be more precious than anything he has ever found. If the Family is after him, it means that you'll have to get to wherever he is before them to get that artifact. It may mean angering the Family, but who cares about getting on the bad side of a bunch of guys who wear bad suits?

  • Rob Steven Werner!

It's easy enough to find where Steven Werner is hiding - nearly every member of the Family is talking about it. Too bad they don't realize you're going to get their prize first.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You head off to rob Steven Werner of possibly one of his most precious artifacts.

Mission Objective(s)

You step into the area where Steven Werner is hiding out. There's some private security here, but nothing you can't handle.

  • Rob Steven Werner!
    • Find Steven Werner
    • Force Steven Werner to show you what he's hiding!

You've robbed Steven Werner of his precious item.


Notable NPCs

  • Steven Werner


You've robbed Steven Werner of a precious artifact, one that pulses with immense power. The possibilities for what you could do with this are endless!

Rogue Acceptance


Steven Werner sounds like he's in a lot of trouble. You know that saving him will mean a gigantic payday and access to probably any item you could think of. It might also get you some higher up connections - he has to hire someone to get those artifacts, right?

Taking up Werner's offer will mean more opportunities for you in the future - despite angering the Family.

  • Take down Paulie 'The Gun Show' Morrini to help Steven Werner.

You have a good idea of where you can track down Paulie Morrini - it's never too hard to find the Family around Sharkhead Isle. Now it's time to send him the right message - for a price, of course.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You head to the last known location of Paulie Morrini.

Mission Objective(s)

You overhear orders being shouted to members of the Family. They sound concerned - you might not be alone here.

  • Defeat Paulie 'The Gun Show' Morrini!
    • Defeat Paulie 'The Gun Show' Morrini!

You took down Paulie Morrini!


Badge villain family.png The Family
V badge ScrapyarderBadge.png Scrapyarders

Notable NPCs

  • Steel Stanley (Scrapyarders Foreman) (Enemy)
  • Paulie 'The Gun Show' Morrini (The Family Underboss) (Enemy)
    • Description: Paulie Morrini earned his name, 'The Gun Show' due not to all the guns he owns, but because of his obsession with watching gun shows. Go figure...


You beat down Paulie Morrini and managed to get the Family off of Steven Werner's case. You've already been contacted by Werner regarding a healthy payment for helping him out of this jam.