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Mission:Tip - Squawk From An Arachnos Headset

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Villain
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Squawk From An Arachnos Headset

Alignment Mission

You overhear a dispatch on the helmet headsets of some Arachnos soldiers. You listen in.

Sigma Two Five this is Command. We have a situation. Wolf Spider Huntsman Westmore and Fortunata Seer Fairchild have been declared traitors, defectors, and enemies of the state! Inform all personnel that the subjects are to be taken alive. Be aware that they are considered extremely dangerous, and that they have already undermined the authority of Lord Recluse within at least seven different companies. Westmore was last spotted at the docks, but we have since lost contact with our hunter team. Command out.

Very interesting. You know all about Westmore. That man butchered his way up the ranks of Arachnos to his lofty position as a Wolf Spider Huntsman. Whatever reason he has to defect are meaningless. He will pay for his crimes! However, it sounds like tracking him might be difficult. From what you know of Westmore he has been very close with the other subject, Fairchild. You suspected for awhile that their relationship was less than professional. If you can find her then you are certain you can get Westmore to come out of hiding. If he was down at the docks, there is a fair chance that Fairchild is aboard one of those big cargo ships. It would be difficult to detect her psyche through the hull.

VILLAIN: Introduce Westmore to the concept of loss!


Huntsman Westmore is cautious, that's the only way he's been able to keep this little mutiny off of Arachnos's radar for this long. Unfortunately that caution is going to make things a lot harder on him. The surest way to get him to show himself will be to target his girlfriend, Fortunata Fairchild. You're counting on her psychically calling for help to draw Westmore out. Unfortunately, she's got a nasty Crab Spider as a bodyguard, so you'll have to deal with him first.

  • Draw Westmore and his friends out to pay for their crimes.

Every member of Arachnos is guilty of innumerable crimes. That fact alone justifies everything you are about to do here today. You'll need to eliminate Fairchild's bodyguard, then draw her into the trap. Her cries of pain will draw Westmore to you like a spider to a fly, only you're a bug killer.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Westmore isn't aboard the ship, you're going to have to use his girlfriend to draw him back and into a proper showdown to pay for his crimes. You're going to enjoy this.

Mission Objective(s)

You've watched the ships for a few hours and decided to trip a door alarm on the vessel in order to draw out Fairchild's Crab Spider bodyguard, Robert Green.

  • Lure Westmore into your trap
    • Eliminate Robert Green
    • Speak to Robert Green before finishing him
    • Find Fairchild and capture her
    • Speak to Fairchild before finishing her
    • Find Westmore and defeat him
    • Speak to Westmore before finishing him

You dealt with Westmore.


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

  • Robert Green (Arachnos Soldiers Crab Spider Webmaster)
    • Description: Robert Green was once just another faceless Crab Spider thug in the service of Arachnos. Then one day he was asked to go too far, to kill too much, and he snapped. Brittany Fairchild sensed his growing rebellion against Arachnos and together they have worked to find more people like them who want to get out and make a new life. Robert has served as Brittany's bodyguard ever since they met.
  • Brittany Fairchild (Fortunatas Fortunata Seer)
    • Description: Once a Fortunata Seer working for Arachnos, Brittany Fairchild had seen enough and wanted out. She began searching for others like her and found Alan Westmore. Together they have rallied together others who wish to leave Arachnos and make a new life for themselves in the United States, beyond Lord Recluse's reach.
  • Alan Westmore (Arachnos Soldiers Wolf Spider Huntsman)
    • Description: Once a Wolf Spider Huntsman in Arachnos, Alan Westmore found love and decided to flee from Lord Recluse's regime. Along his way he found a lot of like minded individuals, all of them wanting to redeem themselves for their service to the dictator of the Rogue Isles and head of the Arachnos criminal organization.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! At the end of talking with Fairchild, a group of three Arachnos, including Westmore, will appear.


You think about what Westmore said to you before you ended him. You're nothing like Recluse. Recluse is a brutal tyrant who kills for his own ends. You are a merciless agent of vengeance who punishes the wicked. That Westmore saw the evil in Recluse and was horrified is commendable, but it does nothing to redeem him for the numerous crimes he performed in the name of Arachnos. There is only one true path to redemption; death, and you are the ferryman come to collect the toll.