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Mission:Tip - Reams Of Scientific Gibberish

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Villain
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Reams Of Scientific Gibberish

Alignment Mission

You found this giant pile of computer print outs in a villain's hideout and sifted through them. It quickly became obvious that he looted them from the trash of a lab somewhere in the city. Among the papers you found this intriguing memo:

The Promethean Project

Demonstration of the new Promethean android will be this coming monday (that's today!). Professor Stroub will speak to those assembled about the Promethean android, all it can do for the city, and then finish with a demonstration of its capabilities via the most current stable code build. Refreshments will be served afterwards where Professor Stroub will answer questions.

The Promethean Project. You've heard about this, some high end robotics contract given out by the government to Stroub's robotics engineering team. From these print outs it looks like villains in the city are already working on ways to turn the androids against their creators. Idiots, how can they not expect for evil to try and corrupt their work? Why is it that the most brilliant of minds has no common sense. Well, you're going to show them just how bad things could be. Better to unleash these creatures on a small group of decision makers, than to have them rampage through the streets killing innocents. One way or the other, these scientists are going to learn just how awry their little project could go.

VILLAIN: Teach Professor Stroub some common sense!


From those reams of scientific nonsense it looks like the Promethean android is a pretty rugged robot, it's also carrying a particle beam cutter, supposedly for construction and demolition work. You know that it will just be used as a weapon against innocent populations once the umpti-umpth villain realizes that the government has built them an army of robotic killing machines for them to exploit and turn on the masses. This ends before it starts.

  • Turn the Promethean on its creators to show them the error of their ways.

The first step is going to be getting access to the facility's security terminal. From there you should be able to access the Promethean's subnet and issue it new commands. The trick is going to be getting access to the security terminal, but you're pretty sure someone on staff will have the access codes you need, it's just a matter of making them help you.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Finding the chief of security will be a good first move. With him out of commission nobody else should bother you. He'll also know everyone at the demonstration and how you can get access to the security terminal.

Mission Objective(s)

Dr. Stroub has begun the demonstration. With all eyes on him now is the perfect time to sneak into the facility and begin your plan.

  • Sabotage the Promethean Demonstration
    • Defeat Security Chief Jackson
    • Access Security Terminal
    • Destroy the Promethean

You prevented the stolen Praetorian technology from falling into the hands of big industry and more importantly, from being used against the people of Earth.


V badge Security.png Security Guards
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Security Chief Jackson's Data Card
This tiny credit card sized computer contains the security data you need to gain access to the facility's security terminals and override the Promethean's command protocols.


Not bad for a day's work. The Promethean android was destroyed and Dr. Stroub was disgraced. Better still, that little demonstration you put together of how badly that technology could be twisted to serve a villain should dissuade anyone from investing in that kind of research for years to come.