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Mission:Tip - One Good Spider

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One Good Spider

Hero Morality Mission

You're contacted by Amanda Vines of WSPDR in the Rogue Isles...

Character! I'm so happy I was able to get in touch with you! We need your help. I don't know if you're aware of the issues Arachnos has been having with Bane Spiders, but in a nutshell, one of the Bane Spiders broke free of the mental network that was set up to control them. This Bane Spider tried to act on his own and go against Arachnos, but he was captured. Now, Recluse has ordered his soldiers to execute him in Grandville Square as a message to anyone who tries to go against Arachnos! I've pleaded to Longbow to send help, but they said that it's just too risky to try to assault the heart of Grandville to save the life of one Bane Spider. They told me if I could convince a hero to go that they could provide transport, but that was it.
Please, Character, find it in your heart to forgive this Bane Spider for anything he's done in the past and save him from being killed!

The situation seems dire for this Bane Spider. If something isn't done, Arachnos is going to get away with killing this soldier and show the people of the Isles that there's no hope if you go against their organization!

Rescue the rogue Bane Spider!

WARNING: This is a Morality Mission. Completing this mission will maintain your current alignment of Hero, removing any progress you may have made on any other alignments.

Are you sure you want to do this?

Yes, I want to save the rogue Bane Spider!

Longbow may not necessarily be the bad guy here, they just can't risk losing all those men to storm into Grandville for the life of one Bane Spider.

However, you and anyone you may bring along might just be able to walk into the shadow of Grandville's tower and get that Bane Spider out alive. Doing so will give hope to the people of the Isles that there is a chance to fight Arachnos and that their organization isn't all powerful and all knowing!

Save the Rogue Bane Spider!

You get in touch with your Longbow escort and are told to take the nearest tram to a Longbow base. There, they will get you onto a ship to Grandville. After that, you'll be on your own against the forces of Arachnos.

Mission Objective(s)

Your Longbow escort stops along the docks of Grandville. It's up to you now to go into the heart of Arachnos territory to save one man who stood against Arachnos.

  • Save the Rogue Bane Spider in Grandville
    • Defeat the Arbiter guarding the docks
    • Defeat the Arbiter guarding the path into Grandville square
    • Rescue the Rogue Bane Spider
    • Defeat the fortunatas, then get the Rogue Bane Spider out of Grandville
    • 2 Fortunatas to defeat to free the Rogue Bane Spider
    • 3 minutes until Arachnos Bane Spider Execution Squad arrives

You've saved the Rogue Bane Spider from certain death!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

  • Arbiter Curry (guarding docks)
  • Arbiter Kim (guarding path)
  • Rogue Bane Spider (in front of Recluse's statue)
  • Fortunata Eiffel (in front of Recluse's Tower doors)
  • Fortunata Whelan (in front of Recluse's Tower doors)


You return to Paragon City after leaving the Rogue Bane Spider with Longbow. The man was extremely thankful to you, as was Longbow.

Sometime later, you receive a video from Amanda Vines. It shows people in the Rogue Isles holding up posters of your image, while the people of Haven House throw a celebration in your name. The video ends with Amanda Vines thanking you for helping to show the people of the Rogue Isles that there is hope out there for them.