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Mission:Tip - Exotic Armor Schematics

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Exotic Armor Schematics (40-50)

You come across a series of blueprints that look similar to the armor the Rikti wore during their invasion.

What's important about these blueprints is that there are annotations all along the margins:
"Shorten length of arms" "Add shield emitter" "Increase power output" "Add anti-missile chaff" "More plutonium".
The only problem with these blueprints is that they're not complete. Some integral schematics are missing in order to fully assemble this military-grade armor. On the back of one of the blueprints is a hastily scrawled message from the engineer who created these blueprints. They state that he and the full blueprints were taken by the Rikti. Printed on each blueprint is the location of the Arachnos lab where the blueprints were made.

This armor belongs in your hands, not in the hands of whatever mad genius is assembling it. You could track down where the Rikti took the Engineer and more importantly the blueprints.

Alternately, you could try raiding the Arachnos lab where the Engineer was working on the blueprints and likely prototype armor.

Villain Acceptance


You don't really know what this armor is supposed to do, but the fact alone that it's being retro-engineered from recovered Rikti weaponry is all that matters to you. If the Rikti are interested in the armor, then it must be powerful indeed. You decide to track down where the Rikti would have likely run off with the Arachnos engineer.

  • Track down where the Rikti have taken the Arachnos Engineer.

You've got a pretty good hunch on where the Rikti could have taken the Arachnos Engineer. You wonder about the Rikti armor's combat capabilities. You'll have plenty of time to think about that later, first there are some blueprints you need to obtain.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You've got a good hunch as to where the Rikti have taken the Arachnos Engineer, you just need to follow up on your hunch.

Mission Objective(s)

As usual, your hunch panned out. This is definitely the place. It's just a matter of time before you get your hands on those blueprints.

  • Retrieve the Blueprints
    • Kidnap the Arachnos Engineer
    • Lead the Arachnos Engineer out
    • Defeat Rikti Science Chief to escape

You successfully kidnapped the Arachnos Engineer who promised to lead you to where he kept his final blueprints.


Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti

Notable NPCs

  • Arachnos Engineer (Hapless Citizen, must escort to exit)
  • Rikti Leader
  • Rikti Science Chief


True to his word, the Arachnos Engineer showed you where he stashed the Rikti armor blueprints. It the end, you're not sure how useful this armor will be in actuality, but it will at least make a decent trophy.

Rogue Acceptance


Your reasoning is: why go after the blueprints when the armor on the blueprints might have already been built? At the very least you'll likely find prototype armor. You could likely sell this for a small fortune! Printed on each blueprint is an address. This is likely the address of the Arachnos lab where these Rikti Armor experiments were taking place.

  • Steal the Rikti Armor Prototype

The nearby Arachnos laboratory specializes in the advancement of Arachnos technology through adapting Rikti technology to meet their needs. There's bound to be some incredibly valuable tech in that lab.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Nearby, there's an Arachnos laboratory loaded with incredible technology that is just waiting to be yours.

Mission Objective(s)

Just as you had anticipated, this lab is still active and is teeming with Arachnos soldiers

  • Steal the Rikti Armor Prototype
    • 3 Armor Prototypes to steal

You've managed to abscond with some sweet gear. Now... if only you could find an instruction manual...


Notable NPCs

  • Arachnos Security Chief


You secured several pieces of Rikti-Arachnos hybrid armor prototypes. These don't meet the specs listed on the blueprints you recovered, but nonetheless they're likely highly valuable.