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Mission:Tip - Discarded Picket Sign

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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Discarded Picket Sign


You find an abandoned picket sign whilst fighting crime. You pick it up and read it over...

The petition sign reads: 'Raise the Wages, or Raze the Docks!' You remember hearing that the local Dockworkers' Union was protesting pay rates and working conditions as of late. Looking into it further, it turns out that the Dockworkers' Union has hired out large groups of Scrapyarders from Cage Consortium to do more of their manual work! While this is all legal, it certainly reeks, given the shady practices in the past by Cage. The wording of this sign looks like the protest is beginning to get rather heated - which will be bad, considering most of the Scrapyarders are former ex-cons!

If the rhetoric continues to build, the protests could result in violence. It may be time for someone to talk to the protest leaders to calm them down before someone gets hurt. It's possible that they're already on verge of a riot. What good will words do when actions can get things done faster? Beating the rioters into a pulp is definitely one way of calming them down.

Hero Acceptance

Hero Acceptance

The Scrapyarders are on the verge of rioting - if you can get in there and stop them, it'll help ease tensions between them and the people of Paragon!

Stop the Dockworkers of rioting by speaking with their leader!

Mission aceptance

You'll have to make your way to the warehouse where the rioters are staging themselves. Hopefully you can get there in time before they go into a full blown riot!

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear the Scrapyarders yelling for justice in the warehouse - in only a few moments, this will break into an all out riot!

  • Find the heads of the dockworkers' protest and talk them down
    • Speak with the protest leader

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Protest Leader.jpg
Protest Leader


Eh? What do you want? You're just another one of them two-bit supers who don't understand what we're after!

So just back off, unless you're here to put us down. In which case we'll pulverize you!

I'm just here to try to calm all of this down.

You don't understand, Character, we're tryin' to earn a livin' here.

If we get enough money, we can get outta this job, break away from Cage!

What they're doing here is slavery! You gotta understand, this is for our freedom!

I do understand. I can try to help, but you need to calm down.

Alright... Alright. I think we can do that -

A shot rigs out in the warehouse as something hits the protest leader in the back. You hear a yell from someone nearby - a Cage Consortium Officer - to start collecting the 'merchandise'.

Cage Consortium...!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

After talking to the protest leader you will be ambushed by the Cage Captain

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find the heads of the dockworkers' protest and talk them down
    • Defeat Cage's Raid Leader

You stopped Cage from rounding up the Scrapyarders, despite the heavy casualties suffered at the end of the Scrapyarders


V badge ConsortiumDefeatBadge.png Cage Consortium


V badge ScrapyarderBadge.png Scrapyarders

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Other interference
You overheard one of the Cage Consortium Guards talking about other heroes interfering with their business. You pressed him for more information and the guard easily squealed, saying that as of late in the Isles, the hero Stalwart has been seen trying to rally the Scrapyarders to fight against Cage Consortium!


The Scrapyarder riots have been put to rest, for the moment, thanks to a common enemy found in the Cage Consortium.

The riot leader was sent to the hospital for his injuries - luckily he'll be making a full recovery, in time. The Scrapyarders have agreed to stop their riots, while some members of the PPD have offered their help - in secret - against Cage Consortium, knowing that there are people like you around who will back them up.

Vigilante Acceptance

Vigilante Acceptance

The chance of those ex-con Scrapyarders listening to reason is slim to nothing - the only thing they understand is violence.

Going into their warehouse to stop their riot before it begins should send a clear message to the other Scrapyarders within Paragon - be grateful that you're not in back in Sharkhead.

Or else...

Unnecessary Solicitation

This is the only way to handle scum like the Scrapyarders

Mission Objective(s)

Sounds like they're all riled up and about to march out in the streets. Get those canisters set while trying to avoid beating down the dockworkers... Well, too many of them, that is.

  • Put Down the Scrapyarder Riot!
    • Defeat all the Scrapyarders OR Activate all 3 tear gas canisters to wipe them all out at once!

You've put down the Scrapyarder riot!



You step out of the warehouse as the PPD arrive to mop up the Scrapyarders. Some of them give you a nod of thanks, though others meet you with a small glare, not approving of how you handled the situation.

Not that it matters - the situation is handled, the rioters are put down. Everything is as it should be.