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Mission:Tip - Demonic Pink Slip

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Demonic Pink Slip (30-39)

You find a letter with the words, 'FIRED!' on the top. There are some arcane runes on the side, indicating this was some sort of pink slip put in for a...demon. You read it over...

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have no further need of your services. Despite the fact that I freed you from the lower regions of the Netherworld, you refused to do any work to solve my Wailer problem.

I gave you a simple task, which was to go into the main hideout of where the Wailers were working with the Devouring Earth, wipe them all out, then bring any evidence back to the warehouse that the Family has set up.

But could you do it? No, you chose to just do what all demons do - prey upon the innocent. You even broke apart the bonds I put upon you. Your employment, along with your time on this plane, are officially terminated.

- Hardcase

So Hardcase has been hiring demons to protect the Giza huh? It looks like this latest challenge is too big for him to handle alone, though how exactly the Wailers are working together with the Devouring Earth is anyone's guess. From the looks of it, the two forces are beginning to gather in an office building near the Golden Giza. Taking them out would help preserve St. Martial and also earn you some payment from Hardcase.

Then again...who cares about Hardcase? He's just some do-gooder forcing people in the Isles to do what he wants. Maybe it's time to stack the odds even further against him.

Villain Acceptance


Nobody in the Isles really likes Hardcase - he's a braggart and a pushover who talks as if he owns the place. Well, it's time to show Hardcase that when you talk down to the wrong person, bad things will happen.

So what if it means possibly furthering the destruction of the Golden Giza? If that happens, the Wailers will collect what they're looking for from Johnny and leave. Not that it matters too much to you, of course.

Give Hardcase a hard time!

In order to make things harder for Hardcase, you'll have to try to organize some of the Wailers and point them in the proper direction - which is that office in St. Martial. You've heard that the Family recently captured some higher demons within the Wailers for Hardcase. If you can free them and cause some havoc for the Family, you could probably help get the Wailers better organized for whatever attacks they're planning in the future.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You'll have to make sure to see the expression on Hardcase's face when he faces this new threat...

Mission Objective(s)

The warehouse the Family are keeping the Wailers in is run-down. In the distance you hear the sound of terrible demonic singing.

  • Save the Wailers!
    • 3 Wailers to save!
      • Use an altar to alert all nearby Wailers!

Not even the demon hunter Hardcase could stop you. Maybe he'll learn now where his place is - which is far beneath you!


Badge villain family.png The Family

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon rescuing the Wailer King, there will be an ambush by The Family.
We got some major problems on our hands!
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon rescuing the Wailer Queen, there will be an ambush by The Family.
Ice the mook who is messin' this up!
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon rescuing the Wailer Queen, there will be an ambush by The Family.
We gotta get that wailer back!

You tap into the powers of the Wailers...
Something went wrong! An eerie visage of Hardcase appears above the altar!

Icon clue generic.png
Release the Wailers
The Family had taken one of the summoning stones used by the Wailers to gather more of their kind. When you activated it, you could hear the distinct sound of demonic singing coming from outside of the warehouse - more Wailers arriving on this plane to try to collect Johnny's soul.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon using the altar, there will be an ambush by Hardcase himself.
What's going on here?!


In the distance you can see some Wailers riding on the backs of some of the Devouring Earth as the Family try to put them down. With Hardcase out of the picture for the moment, it looks like St. Martial will be in a good amount of chaos for a while. And it's all 'thanks' to you.

Rogue Acceptance


St. Martial has already been devastated enough by the Wailers - the entire eastern portion of the island is evidence enough. If they're somehow working with the Devouring Earth, it can only spell trouble for the rest of St. Martial - it could soon turn the entire island, save for the Giza, into a wasteland!

Destroy the alliance between the Wailers and the Devouring Earth!

You'll have to work fast to get into that office and see whatever it is that is uniting the two groups - then destroy it.

Unnecessary Solicitation

St. Martial will be in a lot of trouble if the Wailers somehow teach the Devouring Earth to sing.

Mission Objective(s)

The walls in this office are littered with strange carvings done by the Wailers. They've marked their territory here with the Devouring Earth. Time to change that.

  • Find the source of the alliance

With Mangle's defeat, the magics in the office building crackle and shatter, destroying the magical energy that was binding the Devouring Earth with the Wailers.


Badge villain devouring.png Devouring Earth
V badge Wailers.png Wailers

Notable NPCs

  • Silent Blade
  • Mangle


Whatever was holding together the Devouring Earth and Wailers was shattered upon Mangle's defeat. Something must have happened to this deviant to really drive him off the deep end. Though at the end of the day, does it really matter? With the threat gone, you received a healthy payment from Hardcase and the satisfaction of knowing it's still business as usual in St. Martial.