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Mission:Tip - A Trashcan Set On Vibrate

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Villain
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A Trashcan Set On Vibrate

Alignment Mission

You hear the rapid scratching of metal against rough concrete as you are walking down the street. You then notice that a city garbage can is shuddering ever so slightly and go to investigate.

Looking into the trashcan you can see the soft glow of a shuddering PDA half obscured by a black banana peel. You fish out the vibrating PDA and turn off the alarm. It isn't locked so you start sifting through it.

The PDA you've recovered contains quite a bit of interesting information on the Council, but one item in particular catches your eye. According to whoever's PDA this is, Archon Dimitri has developed a new technology that is causing a stir in the Council. Nobody knows exactly how it works, but what is known is that Dimitri has displayed a tremendous increase in his personal power. Unfortunately there is no factual information about this technology, but you do know that Archon Dimitri has been responsible for the kidnappings of several heroes over the past few weeks. This new technology linked to his power increase is more than coincidence, it must be related somehow.

Sifting through the PDA you discover the location of Dimitri's base as well as a password that, quote, "should enable access to the security terminals". Clearly, whoever this PDA belonged to was about to launch an operation against Archon Dimitri but they had to ditch their information. With the information in your hands, however, you see no reason not to carry on the operation on yourself.

VILLAIN: Stop Archon Dimitri


With the location of Archon Dimitri's base and the password for his internal security you have everything you need to infiltrate the Council facility, learn the secret to the Archon's new technology, and hopefully find a way to stop it or turn it against him. You have a feeling that Archon Dimitri's kidnapping of heroes lately has something to do with this and you aim to put an end to his terror.

  • Find out the secret to Archon Dimitri's new technology and stop him by any means necessary!

Archon Dimitri's new technology is only making him stronger by the day. Fortunately someone did some very diligent intelligence gathering, and now you have that information at your disposal. Archon Dimitri is doomed.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You cannot hope to face Archon Dimitri until you learn the secret to his new technology and can figure out how to destroy it or turn it against him. The longer you wait the stronger he will become until even you cannot oppose him.

Mission Objective(s)

The secret to Archon Dimitri's technology is here. You can feel it in the air. Now to find it and use it against him.

  • Destroy Archon Dimitri
    • Access security terminal
    • Defeat Adjutant Sharpe
    • 4 life support controls remaining
    • Defeat Archon Dimitri
    • Hear Archon Dimitri's final words

You destroyed Archon Dimitri's power siphoning technology and put an end to the hero abductions, but not without great cost.


Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Adjutant Sharpe appears when you view the second last screen of the Security Terminal.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Archon Dimitri and a Council minion appear after destroying all 4 life support control systems.


On entering Archon Dimitri's base, you found a security terminal and used the password from the PDA to access it. The records you found indicated that the abduction of heroes were linked directly to Archon Dimitri's new technology: the technology drains the power from superpowered individuals and transfers them to Dimitri, slowly killing the individuals in the process. You discovered that the entire system would collapse if the heroes were killed suddenly. Many of them were already on death's door, so you chose to sacrifice them in order to stop Archon Dimitri and destroy his technology. With Dimitri's power waning, but not shattered, you confronted and defeated him in a final showdown. He did not beg for his life when you took it, but did question whether you were a greater villain than himself. Preposterous!