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Mission:Tip - A Tattered Flyer

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 30–39
Choice Villain
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A Tattered Flyer

Alignment Mission

You find a torn and trampled flyer on the street announcing that Beautiful Annabella's Carnival is going to be in Paragon City holding a month of fun for the whole family. Annabella may be beautiful, but her heart and soul are twisted and evil to the core. She just got out of the Zig, legitimately, but everyone knows that the system doesn't work.

Whatever her little family fun carnival is on the surface, it is certainly hiding an insidious plot underneath. You don't have proof... yet, but you do have a plan to get it.

It's no big secret that Annabella's achilles heel is her love for her favorite Strongman, aptly named Achilles. Putting the hurt on him will force her to admit to her evil machinations, because if she doesn't, then you'll show her just how mortal Achilles really is!

VILLAIN: Pain separates the truth from lies. A lover's cry is pain unequaled.


Beautiful Annabella has always been able to work a crowd, and it seems she's at it again with her little trick. She's convinced the city that she's on the up and up and that her carnival attractions are just fun and games for the whole family. Luckily you know better. She did her time in the Zig, that's for sure, but when she got out she went right back to her Carnival brethren. Right back to her adoring minions and her loving strongman Invincible Achilles. Scum like Annabell a never changes, and neither will the law that fails to deal with her kind of scum. It's up to you to reveal the wicked heart beating beneath her carefully crafted mask. She won't admit her plans, she's too strong for that, but if you were to harm her lover, there you may find a weakness you can exploit. Make Invincible Achilles scream, and Beautiful Annabella will cry tears of truth.

  • Teach Beautiful Annabella that all is fair in love and war

You'll need to find Invincible Achilles in Annabella's posh little hideout. Make him suffer for all the evils Annabella has ever visited upon others. When she comes to his aid she will be faced with the same anguish she inflicted on so many others. Justice is seldom so poetic.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Beautiful Annabella will be back at her hideout soon. You'll need to move quickly if you are to catch Invincible Achilles off guard and force Annabella into your trap. Once Achilles is screaming for mercy, Annabella won't be able to resist coming to his aid.