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Mission:Tip - A Clever Trap

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 40–50
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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A Clever Trap

You overhear an interesting emergency broadcast over your police scanner.

You listen to the police scanner broadcast. According to the broadcast, a group of Rikti have raided an office in Peregrine Island, and have taken several hostages. They claim to be there to recover some sort of alien artifact that was stolen from them. The Rikti raid leader has stated they used their homing technology to pinpoint the artifact's location to this office.

Your sources indicate that the villain Shock Treatment was seen in that area, and was seen fleeing into the sewers prior to the Rikti arriving. Shortly after the Rikti arrived the hero Stalwart was seen entering the office building, but no one heard from him since he entered the building. He could be in some serious trouble.

You could save those hostages, look for Stalwart, and defeat the Rikti raid and find that artifact they're looking for.

Alternatively you could go after Shock Treatment, the cause of this problem.

Hero Acceptance


You can't allow citizens of this city to become endangered while you're on watch. The lives of several office workers and one of Paragon's own, Stalwart, are in danger. This cause of this raid must be discovered and eliminated before it's too late.

Stop the Rikti raid.

Stalwart's diligence is noble indeed. However, you won't allow him to die while you're on watch. You head off to the office where the Rikti have launched their raid.

Mission Objective(s)

The sounds of battle rage on deep within the office. Stalwart sounds like he is still battling the raiding Rikti.

  • Stop Rikti Raid
    • 3 Office Workers to rescue, Rescue Stalwart, Destroy cause of raid.

You destroyed the artifact that drew the Rikti to this office and stopped their raid.



Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti

Notable NPCs


You saved the office workers, helped out a badly wounded Stalwart and stopped the source of the Rikti raid by destroying the Rikti artifact that lured them here in the first place.

Vigilante Acceptance


Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. This is one of them. You've got to go after Shock Treatment so she can't keep causing mayhem. This whole Rikti Artifact stinks of a distraction or perhaps a trap. Maybe both. Either way, today Shock Treatment is going to be brought to justice.

Hunt down Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment has got to be stopped before she causes another situation. You head off to the place where you heard she fled to. She's likely up to something far more dastardly than just causing Rikti to attack an office building.

Mission Objective(s)

Upon entering, you notice that these sewer tunnels run directly beneath the office building where the Rikti are raiding. Shock Treatment is up to something

  • Stop Shock Treatment
    • 3 bombs to disarm, Defeat Shock Treatment

You stopped Shock Treatment's plan to cause tremendous damage to Peregrine Island

Shock Treatment


Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Powerful Explosives
The explosives set up throughout the sewers here are capable of not only of collapsing these sewers, but also devastating at least two or three city blocks. This includes the office building above, where Stalwart is.


You stopped Shock Treatment's plan to trap heroes in the office building above before blowing the building sky high with powerful explosives planted in the sewer below.