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Mission:Tip - A Broken Protest Sign

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Villain
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A Broken Protest Sign

Alignment Mission

The Cage Consortium's private security just finished breaking up a violent protest and you happen upon the aftermath. You find one of the discarded protest signs and as you read it, your blood starts to boil:

The Only Charity Cage Has Is For Himself!

You look around and see dozens of other signs with similar messages. All of them have a common theme, that the Cage Consortium is holding some sort of charity event to try and drum up some good public image. Kirk Cage is a scum bag, abusing his governorship of Sharkhead Isle in order to slave drive the workers for his mining operation. Well, if he's holding a charity drive, then you are going to make sure that the press hears all about it! Let's see Cage's private security stop you from demonstrating the will of the people!

VILLAIN: The world is going to see the real face of the Cage Consortium!


You did a little question and answer with some people on the streets and learned that the Cage Consortium is planning their little 'charity event' in a nice cushy office building. You know that Kirk Cage would rather sell his own kid than lose money he didn't have to, so there's something awfully fishy about this whole charity, and it isn't just to improve his public image. You are almost certain that he's found a way to use the oppression of his workers as a means to drum up funding via fake charity events. He'll probably just improve working conditions for a few months and then blame the return of poor conditions on the Freakshow and a budget increase for his private security force.

Well no more, you're going to expose just how vile the Cage Consortium really is by tampering with their charity drive's telethon prompts and messages to the public. With any luck, Cage will turn their own horrid business practice into an international human rights violation, and you're guessing that Lord Recluse won't find that too amusing!

  • If the world can't see that the Cage Consortium is evil, then I'll make them see it!

It's not going to be easy, what with Cage's private security force, but they're not used to dealing with people of your capability. Your first task will be to get access to the editing room computer, and that means taking out the head of security to steal his passcard.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You'll need to get in, find a security passcard, and then access their video editing equipment. Once you have access to the computer system you can edit the charity event tapes and information, plant some evidence, and erase any trace of you being in the building. It should be a piece of cake!

Mission Objective(s)

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  • Sabotage Cage Consortium's world credibility
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