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Mission:The Shining Stars - With Friends Like These: Unusual Suspects

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Unusual Suspects


Those items you found in the warehouse may not lead anywhere, but anything related to the Praetorians' presence here is worth looking into.

You're going to need to take care of this one yourself, kiddo. Proton's tied up with lab work, and he's managed to rope Dillo into retrieving parts for some temporal doohickey he's been working on. I asked Grym to give Flambeaux a crash course in tactical combat, and I'm willing to bet that teaching that hothead -anything- is going to take a while. As for me... well, I've got to talk to a few people, work some stuff out.

Twinshot pauses uncomfortably for a moment.

...I guess you already know that those things were Praetorian, right?

  • Is everything ok?

Twinshot sighs.

My past is catching up with me, kiddo. I've got a lot of baggage that I thought I'd left at the station, but it doesn't want to stay put, you know? I'll be fine, don't you worry about me. I just have some loose ends to tie up, before...

Twinshot trails off, losing herself in thought.

Er, anyway. Look into the stuff you found at that warehouse, and see if there are any connections to the Clockwork that were swarming the place. If you turn anything up, let me know.

Investigate the Box of Costume Parts

Unnecessary Solicitation

Costume parts, huh? That sounds like Icon's gig. You may want to hop over there and ask around.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Investigate the Box of Costume Parts


Oh, no no no no NO! That look, it's so... ancient. I haven't seen designs like that in years!

  • ...Excuse me?

Your look! Your appearance! Your visual impact! It's all wrong, it just won't do! Come, I have the perfect belt that would just...

  • *Ahem* That's not why I'm here.

No, darling, that's why I'm here. Heroes, gods, and champions all come to ME to make sure they strike the right tone with their appearance. And right now, the tone I'm getting from you is 'wobbly'. You don't want to pounce on a gang of Outcasts only for them to laugh at your wobbly costume, do you?

Let me take you to one of our rooms, I have some things that would make you look absolutely fantastic. The press won't be able to keep their cameras off of you.

  • Wobbly? LOOK, I'm here to... ARGH!

Whoa, calm down, darling. What's the matter?

You show Serge the box of old costume parts, and explain where you found them.

Oh, THOSE old things? Oh, darling, you're sweet, but I don't need those anymore. Those are some old doo-dads from when I moved out of my studio in L.A. I decided I didn't need them anymore, so I just... left them behind. It's sad, but in the fashion industry you must always be looking forward, or you'll only end up stale.

  • That still doesn't explain why it ended up in a warehouse filled with Clockwork!

Warehouse... on 15th and Maple, yes? I used to lease that place for storage, but that was years ago. I haven't the foggiest idea what it's being used for now.

  • *sigh* Alright. Thanks for your help.

Anytime, darling. Anytime.

  • Whatever.

Icon clue generic.png
In various locations in Paragon City, you will find Tailors that can help you change your costume. You can edit your existing costume, or unlock additional costume slots so that you can have multiple different styles to choose from! Starting at level 20, Tailors will also have select missions for you that will reward you with additional costume slots.

With the help of the Tailor, you can make sure you always look your very best!

Investigate the Gadget Receipts

Unnecessary Solicitation

Those receipts do seem mighty fishy, especially for someone on a Detective's salary. Definitely worth checking out.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Investigate the Gadget Receipts


Yo. How ya doing... do I know you?

  • Doing just fine, Detective Martins. Mind taking a look at these?

Taking a look at wha...

Detective Martins turns pale as you show him the receipts you found.

I, uh, I don't know what those are. Dunno why you'd come lookin' fer me anyway...

  • These receipts have your nameon them, Martins. What are all these gadgets for?

Detective Martins pulls you aside and begins speaking in a hushed whisper.

Alright, alright. You got me. I don't know how you found those, but it doesn't matter anymore. Just... just don't tell the FBSA, ok? My boss is ready to string me up as it is, I don't need to give him any ammo.

  • Uh... don't tell them what?

Detective Martins looks at you quizzically.

Well... that I'm the Shadow Commando.

  • Wait, the Shadow who what now?

SHH! For the love of my precarious career, please keep your voice down.

Some nights I do a little moonlight hero work as the Shadow Commando. Problem is, it's unlicensed, and the FBSA doesn't take kindly to unlicensed heroes.

  • Why don't you just get a license, then?

Can't, it's against regulations. Conflict of interest. It's my job to stay in touch with Heroes and make sure they keep on top of any reported crimes here in Steel Canyon.

If I do that, and I'm also a registered Hero, well, then some people start to complain. They start saying that I only give the flashy, front-page jobs - like stopping bank heists - to Hero pals of mine, instead of doing my job fair-and-square. It's a bunch of hogwash if you ask me, but those are the rules.

  • So... this has nothing to do with the Clockwork?

Don't know what you mean, kid. I'm just a guy with a bit of a double life, that's all.

  • Alright, Martins. I'll leave you be.

Icon clue generic.png
Detectives and the Police Radio
Players that speak with a Detective will obtain a Police Radio, which will allow them to respond to criminal activities in their city zone. After completing enough Radio Missions, a player can speak with their Detective to acquire a Safeguard Mission.

Safeguard Missions send the player to defend a bank that is in the process of being robbed! Players will be tasked with stopping all of the bank robbers before they make their escape, and they may even face off against a Villain in the process! Safeguard missions also contain a number of side hazards like jailbreaks and arson attempts that the player can handle for extra rewards.

Investigate the Transmitter Tag

Unnecessary Solicitation

You said that transmitter was still running when you found it, right? This just might be our lead. Go get 'em, kiddo!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Investigate the Transmitter Tag

Contact Small Cooke's Electronics Employee.jpg
Cooke's Electronics Employee


Hi! Welcome to Cooke's Electronics. My name is Sonia, how can I help you today?

  • Hi, Sonia. I'm looking for a High Frequency Signal Transmitter.

Then you've come to the right place! What frequency range were you looking for? Or would you rather take a look at our selection?

  • Do you have anything that could broadcast signals across multiple dimensions?

On the word 'dimensions', Sonia immediately breaks into a nervous smile.

Uhhh, I'm... sorry, sir, we don't stock that kind of thing here. Selling interdimensional tech is actually regulated by D.A.T.A. and you'd need a special permit to-

  • That's funny. This tag right here says you've sold one before.

Beads of sweat begin to appear on Sonia's forehead

Oh, uh, I'm sorry, sir / +++ Missing Information +++, you must be mistaken! We would be happy to help you with any other product that you see here, and-

  • Sonia. Please. I'm not stupid.

Alright, alright! I... I may have sold someone an Interdimensional Signal Relay a couple weeks ago. I'm sorry! I know it's against regulations, but he paid good money and I figured it could only end up helping people anyway, so I...

  • Who did you sell it to?

I'm sorry, I... I never got his name.

  • You sold illegal hardware to someone without even getting their ID?!?

Sonia glares at you.

Look, do you know how many Heroes walk through that door every day? They're all Cyber-this, Techno-that, and they all look the same. Fancy, high-tech gizmos and helmets that hide their faces. You expect me to ID every single cape that walks in here?

I mean, come on. You must know the drill by now. Even if you don't shop here, you probably go to Pandora's Box or something. They've gotta be the same way.

  • Why would I do that?

Sonia rolls her eyes at you.

For Enhancements, duh! Why does any hero ever walk through that door? You all strut in here, talking about power output and damage resistance percentages, as if I'd care if you got your face smashed in by some Troll.

I don't get paid enough to deal with you people!

  • Whoa, okay. I think I'm done here. Don't leave town, Sonia.

Icon clue generic.png
Enhancement Store
Many mid- to high-level city zones have specialized shops that sell origin-specific Enhancements. The shops in Steel Canyon and Skyway City sell Dual Origin Enhancements, while shops in places like Independence Port and Talos Island will also sell Single Origin Enhancements.

Dual Origin Enhancements (or DOs) start at level 15, and are twice as powerful as Training Enhancements. However, each DO can only be used by characters with one of the two origins that match the type of DO.

Single Origin Enhancements (or SOs) start at level 25, and are four times as powerful as Training Enhancements. Each SO is associated with a specific origin, and only players of the correct origin can equip the SO.


So. Someone went all Black Market on us, eh? Well, it's something, that's for sure. Anyone with an interest in sending messages across dimensions is probably tied in with the Praetorians somehow.

Give me a moment to mull all this over. This is something we're going to want to look into, for sure. I just want to make sure we do it right.