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Mission:The Shining Stars - Big Leagues: One Man's Treasure

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One Man's Treasure


So, we may have a problem. Proton needs some of the devices that were stolen from him, and it seems the Clockwork King might be the one who still has them. You're going to need to break into one of his warehouses and steal everything back.

You'll be walking straight into enemy territory, so I decided to assign you a partner. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get ahold of Grym, and Dillo is helping Proton with his work, so...

  • Oh. Fantastic.

C'mon, don't be like that, kiddo. Flambeaux is a hothead, sure, and she might be a little spacey at times, but she's got power enough to spare. Keep her on the right track and I'm sure she'll be able to help out if things get rough.

I've asked her to wait for you outside the warehouse, but knowing her... well, let's just say the quicker you get there, the better.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Predictably, Flambeaux started without you. You'd better find her before she gets in over her head.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: Abandoned_Warehouse_45_Layout_07_03

This looks like the place. Now you just need to find Flambeaux.

  • Recover Proton's Equipment
    • Find Flambeaux
    • Talk to Flambeaux
    • Search for Proton's equipment!
You found the Stabilizing Field that Proton was looking for, however the power core is missing!
  • Find the Quartermaster and retrieve the Power Core.
  • Defeat the Dismantler Squad

You've gotten your hands on the Field Stabilizer *AND* the Power Core. Now get out of there before more Clockwork show up.


Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork

Notable NPCs

  • Clockwork Quartermaster (Clockwork Gearsmasher)
  • Clockwork Dismantler (Clockwork Gearsmasher)


Hey, Character! Thanks for dealing with those Clockwork. I had it covered, but I figured you'd want to feel like you're helping.

  • Thanks for thinking about me, Flambeaux.

You're welcome, sweetie.

So, Proton's stuff should be in here somewhere. All we need to do is find the crate that's labelled 'Table Sizing Feelers' - sounds kinky, eh? - and then we get out of here! Simple as that, eh?

  • Well, it sounds simple...

My family doesn't call me simple for nothing! Don't worry, this will be totally easy. What could possibly go wrong?

  • That's what I'm afraid of.


Flambeaux just got here yammering about how you needed help. Grym, however, spotted you leaving the building before she even made it here.

Seems he was on hand to make sure you made it through this one intact. Next time you see him, tell that wolfman that he's definitely okay in my book. I'll let Flambeaux know that she needs to up her game or else.