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Mission:The Shining Stars - Big Leagues: Follow the Trail

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Follow the Trail


I haven't found any evidence pointing to how the Skulls knew when exactly to break in. The police have questioned the leader of their gang and they claim that word on the street was that we were moving in to our new digs, so that's why we were targeted. But that would still mean someone might be bugging us. I've let Manticore know, but he thinks it would be a good test of our skills to track down the source of the problem. So, I've got Dillo with his alien science and Grym with his - well, his doglike nose - working on it right now.

  • Where can I find them? I'd like to lend a hand.

Hmm... that might be a good idea. I'll go track down Flambeaux and get her to help out, too. She went running off with some plan in mind to get the TV news to do a story on what happened... with her being our spokesperson, of course. While you're helping out Dillo and Grym, I'm going to go try and stop a PR nightmare from happening, okay?

Talk to Dillo in Kings Row

Unnecessary Solicitation

Dillo and Grym still need a hand. You should be able to find Dillo in King's Row.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Dillo in Kings Row


*hoorgb* It is the Character who has come to make sounds at me again! I am full bubble because of this!

  • Hi, Dillo! Twinshow said you could use a hand?

The Twinshot has made the wrong thought and said this to you wrong. Dillo has enough hands to keep his body symmetrical!


I am the Dillo that makes the air sound of thanking to Character. Please keep your hands, for you may need them! AHA!

  • Um... no, I mean I'm here to help.


The Dillo comprehends greater now! Yes yes, this Dillo will take the offering. I am confronting the Skullmen who were in the base. These Skullmen may have parts on them that can be used with what you Earthlings say 'The Science'.

  • Used for Science? I'm not following.

Look, look... you can see for yourself. You will go out and defeat the Skullmen. They may have the salvageables on them, they may not.

The salvageables can be used at your University to make new machinations, or as you Earthlings say, 'The Inventions'. Your University overseer adjutants can tell you more - oh, you say Professors.

  • So fight the skulls, then go to the University?

AHA! Yes, yes! The Grym can be given your hands in the University as well! He is smelling the deceased norvegicus, as you say!

  • Ah... then find Grym. Got it. Thanks, Dillo!

Apprehend Skulls in High Park in King's Row

Unnecessary Solicitation

That's a good idea Dillo had. See if you can find anything, then head over to the University.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Apprehend Skulls in High Park in King's Row
    • Defeat 10 Skulls

You cleared the street of a number of Skulls. Now head to the University in Steel Canyon.


Badge villain skulls.png Skulls

Ride the Monorail from King's Row to Steel Canyon

Unnecessary Solicitation

You still need to take the tram from King's Row to Steel Canyon.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Ride the Monorail from King's Row to Steel Canyon
    • Go to the Tram Station

Now that you're at the Monorail Station, you should take it to Steel Canyon so you can visit the University.

Visit the University

Unnecessary Solicitation

You still need to visit the University.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Visit the University
    • Go to the University in Steel Canyon

You've arrived at the University. Now would be a good time to learn about inventions if you haven't already done so. Afterwards, go speak with Grym in Skyway City.

Talk to Grym

Unnecessary Solicitation

Grym should be nosing around the University. Get it? 'Nosing'?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Grym


It is good to land my gaze upon your visage, Character. You have the scent of the alien one, a mixture of unwashed humans and cheap parlor makeup. Your quest has taken you far today, has it not?

  • Yes, I guess it has. Dillo suggested you could use some help?

The alien one's scent confuses me. Much is guarded by that self-appointed warden of our realm. Though his motives may be suspect, his actions appear to be well-guided. I am glad he had directed you to seek me out.

By following various scents, I believe that the trail to our mysterious malefactor has come to a conclusion. It would seem a neighboring lord who styles himself as a great regent may perhaps be behind all of these shenanigans.

  • Who is this lord?

He bears the title of the Clockwork King. I have found the remaining possessions in their hands. I believe it was his minions that acted as fence, and the band of Skulls as their cutpurses.

Fear not, for there is still justice that can be brought to King's peons. I shall hunt down these workers to the Clockwork King and prevent the apparati of our futuristic companion from reaching the foul one's hands.

  • If you're saying we should stop the Clockwork King, I'm with you.

Very good, Character. Let us part ways for the moment's passing and seek out the Clockwork Kings' minion and dismiss them from his service!

  • I'm off!

Destroy Clockwork on the rooftops of Steel Canyon

Unnecessary Solicitation

Doing away with the clockwork automatons should prevent the Clockwork King from making himself more of a menace than he already is. Not to mention, you might find some of our stuff in the process, you know?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Destroy Clockwork on the rooftops of Steel Canyon
    • Defeat 10 Clockwork

You managed to do away with enough clockwork that if any of them had any of your remaining equipment, they don't any longer.


Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork


Hey, you're back. Looks like all of our searches turned up nothing. Proton has a back-up plan, though... well, like the guy always does. If we can't find the guy or gal who came back in time to screw around with the Shivan attack, then we're just gonna have to change it back. Right?