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Mission:The Shining Stars - A New Day Dawning: Following the Web

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Following the Web


Glad you showed up. We need to find out who or what was behind the Arachnos attack on our base. It's odd for them to attack anyone in the city. They also seemed to have sent some rather incompetent soldiers to attack us. However, I need to run ballistics and watch the security footage to get a second look at the situation. There's something sticking in my craw about this whole thing.

  • While you're doing that, what can I do to help?

Well, we've got the whole gang hitting the turf trying to track down information on this. You might want to check with Proton, since he's right around the corner over there at City Hall. Maybe you can find something in their records that he overlooked?

Yeah, I know I'm grasping at straws here. Either way, he still might appreciate the help.

Find Proton at City Hall

Unnecessary Solicitation

Proton should be over by City Hall. You can't miss the guy in that futuristic armor.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find Proton at City Hall


I've been tracking down records of recent disturbances and superhero activity to try and find out why Arachnos has been acting as they have.

  • Have you found anything?

There have been no signs of Arachnos attacking the city. It would seem we were targeted directly.

  • Why would they target us?

I think it might be the research I've been doing on the Shivans. Or maybe they found out...

  • Found out what?

Now is not the time to talk about it. We still need to find out why Arachnos is attacking us, and who is behind it.

  • Is there anything I can do here?

No, I think I have it handled here. However, you might want to see if Dillo has found anything. He said he was going to the Hospital.

  • I'll look for him at the Hospital.

Find Dillo at the Hospital

Unnecessary Solicitation

Dillo should be over by the Hospital. The guy's a bit on the short side, so you'll wanna keep your eyes open.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find Dillo at the Hospital



My friend! Why do you come to me with your air sounds? This makes me - as you say - do a round bubble!

  • Hi, Dillo. Proton said you were looking for clues?

AHA-HA-HA! You are full of the correct, Character! I am the Dillo who is seeking the clues in how your airs sounds like 'Hospital'! HA-HA!


I am thought-questing over why Earthlings don't use a glurpidoolingazar to cure radical decomposition of cellular structures inside corporeal matter?

It is - as you say - easy as a cat whisker!

  • Um... I'm sorry, Dillo. I didn't understand you.


My air sounds are too squeaky, I apologize.

Let us bellow about the Arachnos. I have seen life-traces of the agents of the Eight Legs come to this building. But the Earthlings inside made much air that there were no Arachnos that had come here. I think this is what you Earthlings say is 'Changing truth on a hairless headfront'.

  • Hmm... Are you saying the Arachnos agents were here?

You are better with air sounds than I am, Character! Yes, that is what I say to you!


But they are not here now. And your Earthling doctors say they were not here. I am now making two thought-quests.

Possibilities are made that my skentrotigs are not working. Or possibilities are made that the brain electrics have been changed by the Arachnos agents to the doctors!

  • Wait... You're saying the doctors are working with Arachnos?

AHA-HA-HA! Those are the sounds the Grym made, too! He then went to your 'Police' like a - as you Earthlings say - overcooked biscuit!

  • Grym went to the Police? I need to get there at once!

Find Grym at the Police Station

Unnecessary Solicitation

Grym should be over by the Police Station. Seeing that he has a dog's face for a head, he shouldn't be too hard to find.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find Grym at the Police Station


You have come seeking answers about those who ally with the Spider Lord, Character, as do I. That we both bring forth our question to the lawbringers is no coincidence.

  • Why isn't it a coincidence?

The followers of the Spider lurk in hidden niches, ready to strike down their prey at any given moment, yet these ones walk brazenly within the the light. Since I smell the alien one's presence upon you, you ken that strange things are apaw with the chirurgeons that crafted their healing ways upon the enemy. Thus, your honor propelled you to make the lawgivers aware of this trangression.

Let it be known that your Grym has already done just that.

  • My Grym?

Yes, Character. I have pledged my honor upon the Sacred Blade of Terrinael that I would protect you and your own. To gaze further into reflective pools of the honor within my eyes would be to render my charge void, so I ask that we speak no further of this. Know that my geas is tantamount to all other concerns.

  • I see. Okay, then. Well, did the police find anything?

The lawgivers were overcome with befuddlement as I put the question to them. I believed them at first to be ensorcelled by the Spider Lord, for they showed themselves to be befuddled. However, I would learn this was because they had only interacted with lesser kirkgrim who had yet to win a Gressalian Tournament. It would seem their 'police dogs', as they call them, are beholden to their vows of silence.

At the end, the lawgivers assured me that there have been no Arachnos sightings under their vigil.

  • But what of the doctors lying about treating them?

I am unsure what to make of the chirurgeons and their duplicity. It is well within possibility that He-Who-Is-Dillo was sensing something outside his realm of knowing.

I set forth to search the marketplace for any signs of these blackguards; if they walk freely amongst us, they surely would wish the obfuscation of a disguise. However, the Countess of Fire insisted that her training in the commercial arts far surpassed mine. Perhaps she has waylaid one of those we seek?

  • I doubt it, but it's worth a try. Thanks, Grym.

Find Flambeaux at the Consignment House

Unnecessary Solicitation

Flambeaux should be over by the Consignment House. A big shock of red, remember?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find Flambeaux at the Consigment House


OH MY GOD! Character! Quickly! You have to see this!

After all this searching, I finally found it! I FOUND IT!!!

  • WOW! You found the Arachnos agents?

TOTALLY! Can you BELIEVE IT?! This whole time -

...wait... huh?

  • The Arachnos agents. You found out who's behind the attack?



No, other than this stupid arrow.

But check this out! I totally found an enhancement on the market that keeps my hair in place EVEN WHEN I'M ON FIRE!!!!! Like, isn't that the most amazing thing ever?!

I was totally like, 'Flambeaux, honey, you KNOW someone had to invent it. Keep looking, sugar!' and sure enough - BAM - right here in my hands! Now I can fight crime AND look my best!

You know, that's the thing that sucks the most about fighting criminals, am I right? You take all that time to get your hair to do just what you want it --

  • Flambeaux! An arrow. You said you found an arrow?


Flambeaux rolls her eyes and hands you the arrow.

Obviously you don't care about the details which, you know, are like the most important thing to pay attention to. I found that arrow when I was over by the Architect Entertainment building on my way here. I thought it might be one of those clue things, but Arachnos doesn't use arrows. And there's a mark on the arrow with a big S on it. And last time I checked, Arachnos starts with an 'A', right? Right?

  • Flambeaux, was this the only one?

No there were others, right next to all those dirty Arachnos uniforms in the dumpster nearby. But since we were looking for PEOPLE, and those uniforms are CLOTHES, that doesn't really help us, does it?

No. It doesn't, smartypants. So look. I'm going to get back to searching the auction house and if I catch one of those Arachnos PEEEOPLE... I'll be the one who saves the day by arresting them while you're wasting everyone's time looking at arrows or something.

Jeez... they're letting ANYONE be a hero these days...

  • I'll leave you to that, Flambeaux.

Go to the AE Building

Unnecessary Solicitation

You found a clue, you say? Well shift your gears and go find some more evidence.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Go to the AE Building
    • Travel to the AE Building

You found an odd clue around the AE building: It would seem like a simulation routine was being used by a number of participants shortly before the raid on your base, titled 'Operation: Kidnap Sinclair'. All you need to do is track down who this 'Sinclair' is.

Icon clue generic.png
Day Job Locations
Day Job Locations are places where you can receive bonuses based on the amount of time your character spends offline. If you log off in a Day Job Location, you will begin to accrue a Day Job Bonus associated with that location. Each Day Job Bonus only lasts a limited amount of time, based on how long your character was offline in the related Day Job Location.

Below are some example Day Jobs:

City Hall: Grants an Influence bonus for each completed mission.

Hospital: Grants an out-of-combat Regeneration bonus.

Police Station: Grants an Experience bonus for each completed mission.

Consignment House: Grants a Temporary Power that allows you to teleport to Wentworth's Fine Consignments

Architect Entertainment: Grants bonus Architect Tickets for each completed Mission Architect mission.

Icon clue generic.png
Suspicious Simulation
Someone recently ran a simulation in the Architect Entertainment building entitled 'Operation: Kidnap Sinclair'. You need to find out who this 'Sinclair' person is, and quickly.


Sinclair? Are you serious? Do you even know who Justin Sinclair is?

Oh boy... This just got big.