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Mission:The Lords of Death - Finale: Dance With Death

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Finale: Dance With Death


Assuming Back Breaker went to go find Veles it would appear that The Skulls have set up their lab at Royal Refinery. That makes perfect sense. The industrial chemicals going through there would completely mask the telltale signs of Superadine production.

The facility manager is probably being paid or blackmailed into letting Veles and The Skulls set up shop there. It's time to shut Veles and The Skulls' superadine lab down once and for all.

  • Head to Royal Refinery

Be careful. If even half of what The Skulls say about Veles is true, he is a deadly opponent who believes he controls the power of Death.

Additionally, Morana is still a big question mark. She hasn't shown up since you stopped her from assassinating Councilwoman Simmons, but that doesn't mean she isn't part of the equation. Keep aware and make sure she doesn't get the drop on you.

You might want to get some help on this one. Good luck.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care off [sic] we talked about earlier.

Mission Objective(s)


Powerful industrial chemicals mask the telltale odor of Superadine being processed in here.

  • Take Veles Down
    • Defeat Veles
    • Listen to Veles
    • Rescue the Facility Manager, Get out before the building burns down - 3:00
    • Get the Facility Manager to safety, Get out before the building burns down

You shut down The Skulls' Superadine Lab and saved the Facility Manager.


Badge villain skulls.png Skulls


Morana: Veles, Character is here.
Back Breaker: How did he / she find us!?
Veles: It doesn't matter how, Back Breaker, all that matters now is who...
Back Breaker: Who? I don't understand...
Veles: Who led them to us.
Veles: Morana, go. The lab's location is compromised.
Morana: What about the Trolls? They are expecting a shipment...
Veles: I'll deal with Atta in time.
Veles: But first I must deal with Character and his / her New Regulators...
Veles: I have a warm reception in mind...


Upon completing the mission, you will be awarded the Skull Buster Badge.

File:Badge i24 KingsRow Arc.png Skull Buster

You formed the New Regulators and put a stop to the Skulls' Superadine Ring in Kings Row. You destroyed their lab and put one of The Petrovic Brothers behind bars, leaving the Skulls scattered and weakened.


Great work! The Facility Manager is already being treated at Crowne Memorial Hospital and The Skulls' Superadine Lab is already being put out by the Fire Department. Veles and Morana may have escaped, but without their lab The Skulls are going to have tough times ahead. You've done it, Character, you busted The Skulls Superadine Ring!