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Mission:The Hearts of Darkness - Rogues' Contest: Longbow Goes Boom

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Longbow Goes Boom


I will not be the one to stop you from getting yourself killed, Character. If you wish to walk into a Longbow base without an army backing --

You hear a sharp ringing in your ears that drowns out all other sounds. A calm voice rises above the cacophony, speaking to you:

Wait until nightfall. It will be arranged to leave only a skeleton crew on staff. There will be explosives hidden away in a crate, waiting for you. Use them to destroy the base.

  • What explosives? I'll do it, but where are the explosives?

The ringing subsides as quickly as it appeared.

--idea what explosives you're blabbering on about, Character. It would seem as if you didn't fully work through your plan. It will be a shame to not longer see your face in the competition, but I will say you very well may gain a great deal of respect from your fellow prisoners in the Zig.

Let us both see what your future holds, shall we? The next round of your trial begins -


Unnecessary Solicitation

Time is running out, Character. If you are to carry out this foolish endeavor of a direct assault on a Longbow base, I would suggest you head there now. Already one of your fellow candidates have completed their plan. Try not to keep them waiting?

Mission Objective(s)


You hid away until nightfall as your mysterious advisor suggested. From what you can tell, there is only a skeleton shift guarding the base. Take out the witnesses and find those explosives!

  • Blow up the Longbow Base!
    • 3 Nightshift Supervisors to defeat
    • Find the Explosives in the entry room!
    • Defeat the interception team before they warn the others!
    • Defeat Interception Team Bravo
    • Plant the Bombs!
    • Activate the bombs at a remote terminal!
    • Speak with your mysterious helper

You pulled off your plan, and wound up working for another side in this contest.


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Notable NPCs

You've defeated the Longbow agents in charge of the base. Now to find those explosives!

Now that the interception teams have been taken care of, you should be able to set the bombs to go off with a remote trigger.

The explosives have been placed. Now you need to set the timer to go off from a trigger terminal!

Contact Small Remote Access Terminal.jpg
Remote Access Terminal


This terminal appears to control a number of circuitry pathways throughout the building. With a little coaxing, you can reroute the power to your bombs. With enough of a delay accounted for, you should have enough time to set the bombs to explode and still get out of the building.

  • Hack the Terminal.

As you finish hacking the terminal, you hear footsteps approaching...

  • Look behind you...


You have done well, Character. Even with my assisstance, assaulting a Longbow base is no small task.

  • Scirocco? You're the person behind all of this?

I am not. You benefactor's identity remains a mystery to us both. However, do note that despite your pains to the contrary, Arachnos has taken notice of this contest.

Lord Recluse does not allow anything to happen within his city unless he has given his allowance for it to proceed. You and yours are in direct defiance of his wishes.

  • Sou you gave me the explosives - to blow up myself?

Do not presume that I think as you do, Character. I am not so low as to defeat you through subterfuge. If I wish you dead, I would stand before you, sword in hand.

No, I set you up for success so that you may win this contest tthat you are taking part in. And as you continue to win, you will provide me with the information I seek.

  • What is it you are looking for?

Your curiosity surpasses your station, Character. I do not wish to divulge my motives at this time, and it is not necessary that I do so. All you need to know at this point is that you are to continue your role in this game, all the while attempting to unveil the mask of the one truly behind it.

Of course, you can always decline. If you do, I believe your chances of escaping from this base alive should drop... considerably.

  • I... see. Alright, Scirocco. I'm in.

Arachnos appreciates your cooperation, Now go back to your... coordinater... and instruct him to look at the smoke on the horizon. Word will spread that you were solely responsible for this. You will be contacted in the future with further instructions.

And remember, Character... I am personally watching you.

  • I'll... I'll keep that in mind...


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the Dark Heart Badge

File:Badge OGTV1.png Dark Heart

Your role in this contest was irrevocably changed when you became Scirocco's spy.


I do not know how on Earth you were able to do what you did, Character. Were it not for numerous eyewitness reports of you being the one to escape from the base moments it blew, I would suspect you of trickery.

It would seem... It would seem you have won this round, as well.

Do NOT look so smug, Character. The next set of trials will not be so easy.