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Mission:The End of a Yin - Finale: Choosing the Inevitable

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Finale: Choosing the Inevitable


I would like to propose one final attack against Vanguard, this time against one of their vaults that they keep in St. Martial. It was well hidden, yes, but Splice was able to find it. You could rob any regular bank around here, but why not go after the funds for Vanguard directly? It would be another show of power to the group, don't you agree?

  • Sounds good, where is the location of this safehouse?

Here, I shall mark the location for you. It will be a simple smash and grab, yes, quite simple.

We will be waiting here for you to return with all of the loot, Character.

Unnecessary Solicitation

How are you progressing, Character?

Mission Objective(s)


You enter the warehouse and see a Vanguard operative waiting to speak with you.

  • Rob Vanguard's Safehouse
    • Speak with the Vanguard Representative
    • 2 Vanguard Corporals to defeat
    • Defeat the last Vanguard
    • Retrieve Vanguard's money
    • Speak with Mr. G

You've received the money from the Vanguard safehouse!


V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard

Contact Small Vanguard Operative.jpg
Vanguard Representative


Character, hold on. Vanguard does not want a fight. You are not our enemy. We're here to negotiate.

We knew that Splice would figure out where our safehouse is, and so we received permission to make you this bargain. We will freely give you the money in this safehouse. In return, you will hand over the Praetorian war criminals to us.

If you refuse, we will use our forces to take you out instead of your allies.

What do you say?

  • (Hand Mr. G and the others over to Vanguard.)
Excellent choice, Character. Our operatives are moving in now to take in everyone that you've gathered.
The safe is open, and the money is waiting for you.
In the future, Character, Vanguard would ask that you leave us alone, as we do employ heroes and villains. We're here to keep this planet safe, and I believe you are too, deep down inside.
  • (Leave)
  • (Fight the Vanguard)
Vanguard Representative: Urgh!

You found all the money that Vanguard has in the safehouse!


Character, none of us could have expected this to happen. We all greatly appreciate your help in defending us, greatly appreciate it.

We will continue working in our warehouse; should you need any help in the future, please feel free to come towards us. Yes... do feel free.

  • I will, Mr. G.


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the Mayhem's Creator Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png Mayhem's Creator

You were personally responsible for the creation of a new villainess, Penelope Mayhem. What she will do now is anyone's guess.