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Mission:The Choice of Hope - Part Six: The Life of David Hazen

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Part Six: The Life of David Hazen


I've tried to get in touch with Scirocco, but he is not responding. I fear that Mot is aware that we're getting closer to finding his weakness and has either killed Scirocco or is in the process of doing so; it will then command its minions to destroy the last traces of Hazen's journal.

Even if we free every single person within Mot, the monster will just absorb them once again. Hazen must have had a way around that with the magic he used. It's a long shot yet again, Character, but our long shot from before paid off with the Sentinel.

  • I'll go to the office and save Scirocco.

Thank you, Character. I must continue work on my end to prepare for what might be the final battle for our world.

If Scirocco has fallen, then you must be the one who tracks down the final pieces of Hazen's journal. If what Heather Townshend said is true, it will contain the missing piece to the true purpose of Hazen's runes.

If not... well, then we'll have to hope for another miracle.

Mission Objective(s)


You enter the old office building where the last pieces of Hazen's journal are.

  • Find David Hazen's Missing Journal
    • 3 pieces of David Hazen's journal to find
    • Rescue Scirocco
    • Speak with Madame Bellerose

You found the missing pieces of David Hazen's journal, along with the key to sealing Mot!


DefeatBPEnd.png Banished Pantheon

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Madame Bellerose.jpg
Madame Bellerose


Character... I remember you... you saved my life before.

It's all flooding back to me now... My life before coming to this city. I've spent too long here... Mot's minions twisted my mind... My will...

I came here looking for a challenge... something to prove my new abilities against. What I found was...

I must go, Character. I must leave this city and never return to it. Thank you for your help... I do not wish to think about what would've happen if you had not already saved me before.

  • Goodbye, Bellerose.
  • Hold on, I didn't save you for nothing. I deserve something in return.
I have nothing to give, Character, except my gratitude.
Now, let me leave, unless you did all of this for a selfish reason of me 'owing' you.
If that's the case... I will not hesitate to attack you where you stand with all my might.
  • Alright, Bellerose, just go.
  • Strike -me- down? Just try it, Bellerose.
Madame Bellerose: I will NOT be killed here by you, Character. I am Madame Bellerose, I am an INCARNATE, I WILL survive!

Madame Bellerose will only appear here if you rescued her earlier in the Dark Astoria arcs. This badge awards after speaking with her.

Incarnate Rival

You rescued Madame Bellerose from the forces of Dark Astoria. She eventually succumbed to Mot's will and attacked you, but came to her senses before it was too late. Did you choose to spare her life, or end it when she refused to pay you back?

Contact Small Detective Hopp.jpg
Detective Hopp


You see Detective Hopp laying on the ground, badly beaten by the Banished Pantheon. However, he seems to still be holding on to his life by a bare thread.

Character... it feels like forever ago that... you last saved me...

Mot... the Pantheon... they brought me here to suffer... to make me think life was nothing but suffering. They tried... to beat it into me... that there was no hope. But then I remembered... the time you saved me... that even in this desperate hour... even when Mot's power seems to be infinite... there's still someone who can make a stand against it... there's... there's still hope...

I've been hanging on to my life... hoping that something would happen... that someone would come to... to save me. Please... Character... there's an emergency... PPD teleporter... got it from... a guy named... Roy Cooling... back before I came here. I... hah...

I had finally... gotten it fixed... when the Pantheon ambushed me. Please... activate it... help me get out of here.

  • (Activate Hopp's PPD teleporter)

Detective Hopp will only appear here if you rescued him earlier in the Dark Astoria arcs. This badge awards after speaking with him.

Buddy Cop

You rescued Detective Hopp from the Banished Pantheon in Dark Astoria. When the time came, he remembered you and was able to stay alive long enough for you to find him. The question is, did you actually save him?

Icon clue generic.png
Hazen's Journal - Page 389
'We found the key. It's Tielekku, the goddess of magic. She banished the evil gods of the Pantheon once before. But Mot is unique. It has grown in a different fashion than they have.

Even if it was banished to the spirit world, it would still continue to grow more powerful off of death and suffering. Eventually, its power would shatter the spirit world and return to ours. Summoning the goddess is just one part of the problem...'

Icon clue generic.png
Hazen's Journal - Page 542
'It's done. We've created the runes and inscribed them to be powered off of the powerful ley lines that are within Astoria. It's magnificent, really, there is nothing like this in most of the world. I'm not sure who to attribute this to... on the one hand, a higher power could be involved, but why would He have allowed Mot to be formed in the first place? If He set these ley lines to be in this place so that we could destroy Mot, why wouldn't He just use His infinite powers to destroy this creature?

Unless... is there something for us to learn, in all of this? For our lives? Is that why you allowed this to happen, God? I still do not understand your reasons, but I shall follow what has been given to me. The runes have been inscribed into the ley lines. They will serve to summon Tielekku, but she must be informed of the second part of this. Of course, we still need to find a way to summon the goddess of magic...'

Icon clue generic.png
Hazen's Journal - Page 589
'We cannot do it. We know how to do it, but we cannot physically end Mot. We do not have the ability to summon the goddess of magic into our world. Such a feat would take more organization, magic, and technology than we have available. The end of my sanity, indeed, of the sanity of all of us who fought against Mot, is coming. I can only hope that my future ancestors will find my journal and finish what I have started. I did all of this for you... I suppose it's only fitting that you all finish it.

The puzzle of Mot is that it has the ability to feed off of the death and suffering of the world to empower itself. If you can summon Tielekku, she can utilize the extreme power of the runes and ley lines in Dark Astoria to twist Mot's ability to feed. A barrier can be set up so that Mot can only feed upon itself. Further, the barrier can be used to keep Mot in a weakened state. It's such a perfect plan... Mot will only be able to absorb its own pain and suffering, but then the barrier absorbs Mot's power, reinforcing itself and weakening Mot.

Mot... you're a lot like sin. I see this now. We can never remove sin from ourselves, it will always be there. However, we can make it so that sin does not define us, that it does not control us. If this ritual was complete, Mot would still exist, but his power would not control the world or influence it.

I know in the end, that I will go mad, that I will be seen as a lunatic. I have no family to carry on my legacy... this spell, this quest, is my legacy. Please, if you're reading this, my only request is that you finish what I have started.


Brilliant work, Character! I can't believe it... all of this time, we were looking at one half of the puzzle! How could I have not seen this before?!

Of course you can't banish Mot into the spirit world... that would just be sweeping the problem underneath a rug! You have to hit the creature in its heart, its ability to absorb death and suffering! This is... we have a hope now, Character, although it's still a long shot. Tielekku can utilize the power of the runes in Dark Astoria and your own Incarnate powers to create the barrier to seal Mot's power. But first, you'll need to free Tielekku, which will involve you getting inside of Mot... which involves you getting to Mot's maw to work with the Sentinel, which then involves you not having Mot's full attention on you.

There are a lot of ways for this to fail, Character, but that's what I've been preparing for. It's time for the final battle for our world, and you're at the heart of it.