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Mission:The Anti-Matter Collision - Part Ten

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Part Ten: Plant dimensional scanners


If the Praetorians are planning any incursions into our world, we need as much warning as we can get. I have five scanners that you can set up in the Praetorian dimension which will give us a heads up if they try anything on the scale we're expecting.

We will need to act quickly, as the scanners need approximately 24 hours to fully sync with the dimension they are placed in; I just hope we are getting these placed in time. We know that North America in the Praetorian dimension is mostly covered in dense forest thanks to the Devouring Earth there, so be on the lookout for any hero-eating plants that may be in the area.

  • Plant dimensional scanners

The Praetorian version of Woodsman, Shadowhunter, used to roam those forests, but we hear tell that the Devouring Earth finally caught up to him; he won't be bothering anyone any more.

Here are the scanners. They will need to establish an uplink to our dimension immediately, but it will take up to a full day for them to start working properly and giving us the data we need.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I need you to plant those dimensional scanners!

Mission Objective(s)

A sudden, shocking roar disrupts this tranquil stream.

  • Place Dimensional Scanners
    • 5 scanners to place

You planted the dimensional scanners.


V badge PraetDE.png Devouring Earth


Those dimensional scanners should let us know if anybody from Praetorian Earth tries to enter our world again. I'm still mighty worried about Anti-Matter's attempt to invade our dimension. It sounds as if he might be getting close to a solution.