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Mission:Sweeps Week: Character vs. the Rogue Isles - Finale: The Final Headline

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Finale: The Final Headline


The Yins and Tub Ci are holed up in a penthouse in St. Martial. According to Splice, they still have some of the Family helping them out, perhaps out of spite for you.

Without the Family, the Yin's have nothing left to throw at you. Well... except for Penelope Yin and Tub Ci. But I believe you can handle them very easily.

This will be the final episode of your show, Character, and the Rogue Isles are going to tune in to see you get your vengeance upon the man who was out to get you!

  • I'll make sure not to disappoint the fans.

I know you won't, Character. Now, you'll have to be careful, as Tub Ci is still a very dangerous opponent. You'll want to prepare yourself, as you don't want to be defeated on live television.

Take everyone down and we'll end all of this.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'll be eagerly watching your progress, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


This should be the final episode of your hit series... so how come the cameras aren't working?

  • End the Yin's bounty on you
    • Defeat Tub Ci
    • 3 groups of Awakened to defeat

You've put a stop to your bounty, but discovered that the Yins have another trick up their sleeve!


Badge villain family.png The Family
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
V badge Awakened.png The Awakened

Notable NPCs


Wu Yin: Tub Ci has been bested by Character. Hurry, Penny, we must get out of here!
Penelope Mayhem: We can take her, father, just give me the chance!
Wu Yin: No! Not like this, Penny. We retreat to fight another day.
Wu Yin: Can you handle this from here?
Awakened: We will do our best, as long as Penelope can keep our hatred under control.
Penelope Mayhem: I'm sorry, I promise we'll come back for you!


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the Villain of the Month Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png Villain of the Month

You publically put down every attempt on your life, and then smashed apart Wu Yin's entire operation. The public is calling you the 'Villain of the Month'.


Fascinating work, Character. The WPSDR team has been sent back and thanked for their services. John Houston will be talking about what you've done for weeks, even if it wasn't broadcast.

Tub Ci is currently in a hospital from your fight, and I believe he'll be there for a long time, a very long time. It seems, however, that you and I have more things to worry about. It is concerning that such a touchy subject as the Awakened being present should slip under us. Regardless, it is now clear what Subjugator 5 was concerned about. She was able to sense the presence of her fellow Awakened in this dimension.

The Yins believe that they can use the Awakened as a weapon against you. The bounty was their first attempt at stopping you - the Awakened will be their second. You can turn the tables on the Yins by attacking the Awakened and turning them on their so-called 'masters'! They will see that you do not simply rest at stopping one of Yin's lackeys!