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Mission:Praetor Duncan - One Loose End

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One Loose End


Emperor Cole had ordered Praetor Duncan to bring Diabolique back, alive. Duncan, as she is, decided to ignore the order and was seeking to destroy Diabolique.

However, she wasn't doing this entirely for the sake of Emperor Cole. Praetoria, in Duncan's mind, is a failing dream. Most of the Praetors are either dead or missing, and Cole's grip on the populace is slipping. Soon, she'll be a Praetor of nothing.

However... if she were to gain favor within Primal Earth, she could have power and control once again on the side that's clearly the winner. Duncan would have to show the people of Primal Earth that she could be trusted, hence her work against Diabolique.

Now, Duncan intends to go to Praetoria and report her results to Emperor Cole...

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of your contact. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Praetor Duncan's Personal Story)

Praetor Duncan plans for this to be her last interaction with the emperor. After hearing about Praetor Tilman's utter destruction, Duncan decided it would be best to change sides before it was too late. She plans on tracking down the new leaders of the resistance and offering her help to bring down Cole.

Praetor Duncan believes she will become instrumental in Cole's downfall, earning her a place of power in her soon to be new home of Primal Earth.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Praetor Duncan heads for the secret portal, where she will be taken back to Praetoria...

Mission Objective(s)


Praetor Duncan enters the warehouse that was set up for her. The scientists have left already, as they plan on disabling the portal once she goes through.

  • Praetor Duncan's Personal Story
    • Enter the portal to return to Praetoria
    • Speak to Anti-Matter
    • Speak to Chimera
    • Speak to Miss Liberty
    • Speak to Marcus Cole
    • Find a way out

Praetor Duncan has been taken by Diabolique, who was transformed by Mot's power!


Praetor Duncan saw an image of Anti-Matter in front of her. It was, of course, not the real Anti-Matter. She sighed as it began to talk.

I loved you, Megan! I did everything for you, I even gave up my own Praetorship to help you!

Why?! Why did you let me do all of those things! You led me on, you USED me! How could you do such a thing?!

  • You chose to do all of this, Raymond. I just went along for the ride.

You ruined me! You were the beginning of the end for my life, for my career, for my reputation...! Do you know what would've happened if I still had my Praetorship?!

I would've made Praetoria a better place, better than Berry ever could! My technology would've LASTED, it could've STOPPED the Resistance, stopped the Primals! But no, you had to put your own SELFISH desires in front of everyone else!

Why couldn't you just take the blame, Megan?! Why couldn't you accept the consequences for your actions?!

  • Look, Mot, if you're trying to make me feel guilty, it's NOT working.


Duncan. It's been a while. You don't talk to me as much as you used to, ever since the incident.

I believed what you said about your mother, that she was working against Emperor Cole. The evidence was all there. She was planning on using her status as a beloved figure among the people to topple the Emperor, that she was gathering forces to make a strike and take leadership for herself.

I killed her after everything you told me, everything you showed me. You took the credit, of course; I could not have my actions be made public. And yet, when it was discovered that the evidence was false, that your mother never tried to make a move against Cole, I was the one who was to blame.

  • Please, you need to try harder than this to shake me.

You set your own mother up to die, and for what? Was it because you were known as the daughter of Miss Liberty, and not as Megan Duncan? Was it that you were always attached to her, that you never felt like you earned your place of power?

Your actions kept me from becoming something greater than I am. I was never given the opportunities that White had, that Keyes or Berry were given. I was to keep to the shadows, while an air of doubt lingered over everything. All because of your selfish desire to further your own reputation.

  • Yawn. Are we done here?


I gave you life, Megan. I brought you into this world, and yet you destroyed me. I would've loved you, no matter what. I was the one person who cared about you without any conditions, without you having to do anything.

You disgraced me in front of my own father, your grandfather, made him ashamed of me, crushed both his heart and my own. Was it worth it? All that you did to just gain power within Praetoria, was it worth it, now that you see it all collapsing before your very eyes?

  • ...

You see that now, don't you? The manipulation, the deceit... you used Keyes, Sinclair, White, even my own father, to gain all of this power in Praetoria. Yet, now you're seeing all of that fade away before your eyes.

All that power you valued, all the fame and glory, fading away. You have no one who would trust you in Primal Earth. No one will bow to you, not when they know you're a Praetor. Instead of helping your grandfather, you would seek to bring him down, to abandon him in his final moments.

  • I have a plan, 'mother'. Now go away!


I wanted to make Praetoria a better place, the best place. I had believed you were to be trusted, more than my own daughter.

Yet, I realized you were nothing but a spoiled little brat. Did you think I didn't understand that Keyes took the fall for you? That you had to be behind the Destroyers?

I cast Keyes away because he was idiotic enough to let you blind him, like I once was. Do you wonder, Megan, why I chose to send you to handle the situation in Primal Earth? It was because I hoped you would not return, that the dark god would devour you.

  • Uh huh. Tell me some more nasty thing, Motty-boy.

Praetor Sinclair is ready at a moment's notice to go to Primal Earth to deal with the situation. You were a disappointment, Megan. You became predictable.

You were becoming a nuisance in nearly every matter in Praetoria, all because of your desire for enjoyment, for power.

And now, you seek to even betray me, to begin your quest for power in Primal Earth. Do you realize the futility of your actions? You will never have what you want. You will always need more.

You build your home on sand, Megan. Everything you have, everything you are, will crumble to the sea and be washed away. You will not be remembered, you will die alone and unhappy. You can do nothing to stop this.

  • Ugh, just leave me alone! I've heard this a thousand times!


Dominatrix: No... YOU?! Mot KILLED you! You should be GONE!
Diabolique: Mot simply transformed me, my little Duncan. And we have special plans for you...
Dominatrix: Why won't you JUST DIE?!
Diabolique: Because there's still too much for me to do. Come along, dear.
Dominatrix: Cole will save me, you'll see...!


Completing this mission awards the Praetor Selfish badge.

File:Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Praetor Selfish

You played through Praetor Duncan's personal story, witnessing the event where Duncan was confronted by her past and kidnapped by Diabolique and Mot.