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Mission:Number Six - Unavoidable Fate

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Unavoidable Fate


While Character was in the forests outside of Last Bastion, Anti-Matter, the former Praetor Keyes, returned to Neutropolis. He was horrified at what had become... of his beautiful reactors. He could care less about Neutropolis - it was built by that idiot, Praetor Berry. Anti-Matter knew it would never last.

Anti-Matter returned in order to reach his space station via a shuttle that was in an underground hangar near the reactors. His armor had been badly damaged in the fight for his reactors, forcing him to flee. He did not fare any better in the wilds, where he was forced to fight off Hamidon's forces.

Anti-Matter knew that he could use all the power in his space station to reseal his suit. He would have to escape from the station at that point, as it would lose all power and crash into the Earth. There was just one problem...

This is a personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of Anti-Matter. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Anti-Matter's Personal Story)

There was someone else trying to get to the shuttle. The scanners on Anti-Matter's suit indicated it was Metronome. The thought caused Anti-Matter to twitch. Metronome was one of his greatest failures - a brilliant scientist who died on his watch. He had been too focused on his role of a Praetor to care for what happened... and it created the monstrosity of Metronome that went on to cause chaos in Neutropolis and Imperial City with some of Anti-Matter's clockwork. Well, at the very least, Metronome also made Berry look bad.

Anti-Matter realized that Metronome was also trying to get to the space station. He deduced that Metronome's actions were to reach the space station and use it to fight the Hamidon. Of course, the space station could fight Hamidon. It was the creation of the great Anti-Matter, the great Raymond Keyes!

Anti-Matter's suit indicated that the shuttle and Metronome would be lost - there were too many Devouring Earth heading towards the position. Anti-Matter, with a heavy heart, knew what had to be done. If he went to the station, he would be saved, and the station destroyed, along with Metronome. If he could stop the Devouring Earth and get Metronome to the station... then the legacy of Dr. Raymond Keyes would live on in the two.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Anti-Matter knew what had to be done.

Mission Objective(s)


Anti-Matter's suit was already at a critical setting. At the very least, it meant he no longer had to worry about releasing too much energy.

  • Anti-Matter's Personal Story (Solo Mission)
    • 50 Devouring Earth to defeat
    • Defeat the Avatar of Hamidon


V badge PraetDE.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested

Notable NPCs

  • Avatar of Hamidon (Devouring Earth Elite Boss)

First group of Devouring Earth defeated.

Second group of Devouring Earth defeated.

Third group of Devouring Earth defeated.

Fourth group of Devouring Earth defeated.

50 Devouring Earth defeated.

Upon defeat of Avatar of Hamidon


Anti-Matter: Urgh... get me a status update... on Metronome...!

Anti-Matter: Alright... get me the... reactor... controls... force... force the self-destruct...!

Anti-Matter: Alright... Hamidon... You remember me... you... REMEMBER... ME!
Anti-Matter: I... AM... DOCTOR... RAYMOND... KEYES!!!


Anti-Matter: Hah... finally... recognition...!
Anti-Matter self-destructs!


Completion of this mission awards the Proud Scientist Badge.

File:Badge i24 Incarnate Personal Story.png Proud Scientist

You played Anti-Matter's personal story and witnessed his last moments.