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Mission:Mr. G - Unavoidable Fate

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Unavoidable Fate


Wu Yin was still shaken by what he saw. His daughter, his baby girl, the one who he spent so long trying to save from Mother Mayhem's clutches, was turned into one of the Awakened. He could hardly believe it, he didn't want to believe it.

Wu Yin's hands shook from a sadness that tore at his very soul. It wasn't right. He could've done something more to save his daughter, if only she had let him, if only he was powerful enough to force some of her burden onto himself.

After Character's chaos, Wu Yin fled to Paragon City. Tub Ci was still in the hospital, recovering from the brutal beating he received from Character.

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of your contact. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Wu Yin's Personal Story)

Wu Yin could sense someone was following him. It was both a familiar presence and a strange one. The woman known as Desdemona, who had the essence of his former wife, Vanessa DeVore, in the mask that she wore. Needless to say, the entire situation was... somewhat awkward. He did not have the time to even see his wife, though some of that was deliberate on Wu Yin's part.

Wu Yin knew, however, that Vanessa DeVore would feel the disturbance within Penelope Mayhem and seek him out. Wu Yin hoped, however, that he could avoid coming face to face with the reality that the original woman he fell in love with was gone, and all that was left of her was in a mask attached to another woman's body.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Badge bughunter 01.png Bug! This mission was apparently cut-and-pasted from Dream Doctor's personal story. The mission title is the same as 'Dream Doctor's Personal Story' and this unnecessary solicitation is also wrong.

Dream Doctor would make his way to the Midnighter Club to speak with Montague Castanella.

Mission Objective(s)


The attendants at the hospital escorted Wu Yin to Tub Ci's room.

  • Wu Yin's Personal Story (Solo Mission)
    • Speak with Tub Ci
    • Speak with Desdemona/Vanessa DeVore

Wu Yin sacrificed all the memories he had of Penelope in order to one day save her from the monster that she has become.


I apologize for my failure, Wu. I did my best to stop Character. It... is my fault that this all happened to your daughter.

  • The blame does not rest solely on your shoulders, Tub Ci.

... Your words will take time to form, but I shall try to think on that.

What are we to do now? The Awakened are lost, the plans for the new Syndicate have been shattered. We are back to square one with everything, and little to no resources to be used to save dear Penelope.

Wu Yin felt her presence at the door. His wife, Vanessa DeVore, or what was left of her in the mask.

  • My wife is here, Tub Ci. I believe she might have something to say.


Both Desdemona and Vanessa DeVore begin to speak. The two stop and Desdemona proceeds.

I imagine this is... somewhat weird for you, Wu Yin. Your wife has told me a lot about you; you're a good man. I know it's not going to be easy to deal with this, but I think we'll do our best. I want you to feel free to say what you would say to your wife, alright?

Feel free? How could Wu Yin do that? He and his wife could no longer have their own secrets, their own conversations. How could he say anything -

My dear Wu. You and I can still speak in your mind. I have been hearing your thoughts all of this time. I've told Desdemona that we will talk psychically, so she will stay silent, for the moment.

  • Vanessa... I'm sorry. I couldn't save Penelope.

Desdemona awkwardly folds her arms as Vanessa DeVore continues to speak in Wu Yin's mind.

It wasn't your fault. She... was through too much. We were never there to properly raise her, to teach her that she could rely on us. Poor Penelope did not want to trouble you.

But we are her parents, Wu. We are the ones who will take care of her from now on. We cannot rest until we save our daughter, no matter the cost. I... just do not know how much of our Penny is left within the monster of the Awakened. She has all of their hatred inside of her now, the hatred that came from Tilman's vile experiments.

  • Penny... she needs memories of who he used to be. Something to survive.

Yes, but how? The amount of memories she would need are massive. I cannot transfer my own memories from the mask to her. The only other option... No, no honey, you cannot do that! You cannot ask me to do that!

Despite Vanessa's words, Wu Yin knew what had to be done. It was a simple matter to transplant a memory into someone. However, it would not have any heart to it, any foundation. One had to transfer the feeling of a memory, the very essence of the memory to make it last... but that would mean the memory for that person would be gone.

A father must protect his daughter, Wu Yin thought, he must sacrifice everything for her. Wu Yin made his decision.

He was going to tell his wife to take all of his memories of Penelope, from when he raised her as a child, taught her how to read, how to write... Vanessa would rip all of them out of Wu Yin's mind to one day place back into what was now Penelope Mayhem. Wu Yin would have no more memory of his daughter. When he looked upon her, she would just be another stranger.

This was the only way, however, to save his beloved daughter from becoming a monster like Tilman.

  • You heard all of my thoughts. You have to do this, Vanessa. For our daughter.

... I'm sorry. You've... done so much to try to save her, my beloved. I promise you that I will not rest until Penelope is saved. Desdemona, myself, and the Carnival of Light will tear down the pillars of hatred itself in order to get our daughter back.

When we do, the three of us will make new memories together. She and I will remember you, Wu, and you will come back to her, I know you will. You cannot get rid of what rests beyond your mind for her.

Without another word, Vanessa began the process. Wu Yin saw all the memories he had of Penelope leaving his mind; the first time she scraped her knee, her favorite toys from the propaganda cartoon shows. They all left Wu Yin's mind, until even her very name was gone. It all happened in a matter of seconds. When Wu Yin thought of Penelope, he could think of nothing. It was a connection that did not make sense. Why did he form the Syndicate? What happened to the daughter that he had with his wife?

  • What's happening? I'm... I'm lost, it feels as if...

We'll get through this, honey. Together. One day, you'll remember again. I promise.

  • (Leave)




Upon completion of the mission, you will earn the Father Badge

File:Badge i24 StMartial Personal Story.png Father

You played Wu Yin's personal story and saw the plan that has been set in motion to try and save Penelope Mayhem.