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Mission:Misinformation - Part Three: A Little Law Breaking

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Part Three: A Little Law Breaking


Okay, Character, if we want to get more information about Eddie, we're going to have to go to the source; the Ministry of Information.

Only problem is that the place is heavily guarded - even someone like yourself would be refused entry into the labs where they keep their files.

Good thing I have a plan to get you in there!

I hope you don't mind, by the way, that I keep throwing you into these situations. I get nervous about these things; I wonder, 'Does Character hate that I keep putting him / her into bad situations?' I really hope you don't, and I'd love to do it myself, it's just, well, you're you. And I'm me. So that can't really happen...

  • Robert, let's focus on the plan. What're we doing?

Right! Some members of the Resistance have planted several dud bombs around the Ministry. They're going to evacuate the building now to scan the area for any more bombs.

When you get inside, you'll have, maybe two minutes tops to get in, get the files, and get out before the PPD arrive to scan the area.

Now, I'm sure if you're caught in there, you can explain what you're doing there, but it'll be after a nasty fight.

If you can find the folder that Mr. G had, it'll tell us everything we need to know about this guy.

Unnecessary Solicitation

There's not much time, Character. We can only call in so many threats on the building, you know.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Office_30_Layout_02_01

The area is completely devoid of life - for the moment. Soon the PPD will be crawling throughout the entire area, itching to blast anyone they see.

  • Retrieve Eddie Polstra's Folder
    • Get the files and get out before the PPD arrive - 2:00
    • Find Mission Exit

You've got the files, now to get out of here!


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
You found Eddie's Files!

Icon clue generic.png
Eddie Polstra - Biography
This folder contains the supposed biography of Eddie Polstra. It seems like it will be used as a sort of method of telling the people in Praetoria about Eddie. However, it still bears corrections made by someone...

NAME: Eddie Polstra (Change to Edward, sounds formal.)

PLACE OF BIRTH: OLD SAN JOSE (Check to see how many people in Praetoria are former residents. May want to change to different location.)

Eddie (Edward) Polstra is a prime example of a citizen who refuses to allow the enemies of Praetoria to win. Polstra fought against a large group of Resistance in order to protect supplies being sent to one of our many allies out in the east (add that supplies were for children, or another group that cannot defend themselves) during their fight against Hamidon.

We are proud to have Eddie (Edward) as a member of Cole's guard. We believe he is the key we need to finally eliminate those who would threaten the peace of Praetoria. (Finish with a mention of Calvin Scott, goal is to instill fear into the people and make them feel hopeful in Edward's skills.)


Breaking into the Ministry isn't easy, Character.

We were only able to get this far 'cause of a guy named Paolo Marino.

He's an insider we have in the PPD. You can thank him for holding off the patrols of Loyalists as long as he could.

That info you found sure is weird, though. Looks like this Eddie guy isn't from Old San Jose. But where could he be from that the Loyalists don't want us knowing?

This sure makes me wonder, but we can worry about a question and answer session later. We need to get this info into the right hands.