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Mission:Max - The End of Vengeance

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The End of Vengeance

Mission Acceptance

Your transportation to the area will be arranged. All you need to worry about is ripping out whatever is in the heart of the Knives of Vengeance.

You'll want to bring everything you've got on this one, Character. If you win here, it's gonna be a huge blow against Mot.

All I can do at this point is wish you good luck, because I won't waste any more words on this situation.

Unnecessary Solicitation

No time to back down now, Character.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Depending on which of Max's missions you've completed, the Malta agents helping you in this mission will vary. Any dialogue from or benefits of having an agent you did not rescue will not be present. Consequently, this mission could be substantially more difficult if you choose for it to be.

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive in the secret base of the Knives of Vengeance and see... a member of the Praetorian Olympian Guard!

  • Destroy the Knives of Vengeance
    • Speak with the Olympian Guard
    • Destroy the source of the Knives of Vengeance
    • 3 bombs to arm to wipe out the Knives of Vengeance

You've destroyed the source of the Knives of Vengeance!


DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance

Notable NPCs


Character. I am Olympian 29, one of Emperor Cole's Olympian Guard.

I am here on the behalf of Praetor Duncan. We believe that a woman we are tracking, named Diabolique, is within this facility. However, I've determined this to be an extremely dangerous area.

I would suggest that you and I join together. I am here strictly to recover Diabolique and not to hamper your efforts.

  • How do I know I can trust you?
Because we are both after the same thing, in a sense. Praetor Duncan believes Diabolique's presence here has something to do with the Talons of Vengeance appearing, which would tie in with these Knives of Vengeance.
Emperor Cole himself as ordered Praetor Duncan and myself to get to the bottom of this. The Emperor has no desire to see Primal Earth destroyed by a god of death, Character.
For the will of the Emperor, I will not allow Mot or anyone else to destroy Primal Earth.
  • Alright, but where is Praetor Duncan?
  • Alright, Olympian 29, let's work together.
Olympian 29: I will follow you, Character.
  • Where is Praetor Duncan?
Praetor Duncan is in a safe location within Primal Earth. Her safety is of the upmost concern of mine, as ordered by her.
She is currently monitoring all of my activities, including the conversation you and I are currently having.
  • I'm not going to work together with you.
I must warn you, Character. If you do not work together with me, then you are making yourself my enemy, and I will be forced to respond as such.
Do not force my hand when all I wish is to act as your ally in this task.
  • Alright, Olympian 29, you can work with me.
Olympian 29: I will follow you, Character.
  • I still refuse!
Olympian 29: We could... have worked... together...


You try to call up Max only to receive a message that the number has been disconnected. It seems that with the destruction of the Knives, Malta no longer requires communication with you.

You do, however, see a message on your communicator from Praetor Duncan, who expresses interest in working together with you in tracking down Diabolique.

You remember Olympian 29's comment, which was that the Talons of Vengeance seemed to be here because of Diabolique, and that she had some connection to Mot. You'll have to see what Praetor Duncan knows on the matter, as this can either bring you one step closer to defeating Mot, or into a trap set by the Praetorians.

Praetor Duncan has been added to your contact list.


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the Knife Butcher Badge.

File:Mission DA Arc Complete.png Knife Butcher

You destroyed the source of the Knives of Vengeance, ending both their reign and also whatever was left of the Knives of Artemis.