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Mission:Common - Stop both groups of mystic madmen

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E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits through Flashback only.

Stop both groups of mystic madmen


A large number of pre-cognitives have been reporting visions of a nightmarish battle beneath the streets of the city. In these visions, the Banished Pantheon cultists battle the Circle of Thorns for control of some sort of mystic vortices that trap wandering spirits. And in these visions, you appear as well. Are you willing to face this vision and stop both of these groups of mystic madmen?

Mission Acceptance

I don't know the purpose of that vortex, but I have been told that you must close it.

Unnecessary Solicitation

That mystic energy spike is still going off in the sewers.

Mission Objective(s)

There is no wind down here, but something stirs the air around you. Every sense is on alert as you step into the edge of a spiritual tornado.

You have brought an end to the battle between the Banished Pantheon and the Circle of Thorns.


Badge villain banished.png Banished Pantheon
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs


This mission earns a hero the Spirit Warrior Badge.

Spirit Warrior

You stopped a war between the Banished Pantheon and the Circle of Thorns.


The Circle of Thorns and the Banished Pantheon are nightmares enough on their own; I'm impressed by your ability to battle their forces together. From what you heard, it seems that the Circle may have been trapping the spirits of the dead, then extracting information from them. Perhaps the Pantheon sought those same trapped spirits to slake their hungers.