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Mission:Common - Recover the antiques from the Banished Pantheon

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Recover the antiques from the Banished Pantheon


Some Banished Pantheon worshippers stole a number of Civil War Antiques from the Paragon City Museum. According to the curator, those antiques belonged to a group of soldiers assigned to battle a strange outbreak of witchcraft during the 1860's. The items were all rumored to be magical wards or talismans of some kind. After reading some accounts, that outbreak sounds a lot like the work of the Pantheon's cultists. I need you to recover those antiques from the Banished Pantheon. Whatever they're planning, I want it stopped before it begins. In order to do so, you'll have to act quickly. I doubt you'll have more than an hour to recover everything.

Any power those antiques may have had is probably long gone by now, but studying them could help the Pantheon's cultists to overcome such protections in the future. You must recover all four of them before the Pantheon can learn too much

Mission Objective(s)

As you ready yourself to face the forces of the Banished Pantheon, you think of how brave those Civil War soldiers must have been to battle the Banished Pantheon's cult with no super powers.

  • Recover antiques from Pantheon - 60 minutes timed
    • 4 antiques remaining

You have recovered the antiques and foiled the plans of the Banished Pantheon.


Badge villain banished.png Banished Pantheon

Icon clue generic.png
The back of this medal is etched with tiny runes. If you look at it in dim light, you can see that the runes possess a faint glow.
Icon clue generic.png
Leather talisman
This small pouch is meant to be worn around the neck. Its power is gone, but you still feel a bit stronger while holding it.
Icon clue generic.png
Union army cap
The name 'Jack Sterling' is embroidered on the lining of this worn cap. Faint traces of mystical sigils decorate the interior.
Icon clue generic.png
Metal case
This metal case is just large enough to hold a small book. Its surface is dented from dozens of impacts, and the inside is etched with faded wards.


Well, I did some research, and I think I know what the Pantheon was up to. They needed those items to perform a ritual of vengeance against the descendants of those soldiers. Thanks to you, those people will never have to know they were in danger.