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Mission:Burden of the Past - Part Three: Those Who Have Fought

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Part Three: Those Who Have Fought


While you were gone, I saw a number of those guys from the Tsoo running around. I was a little scared, at first. Back in Talos, they're nothing but thugs.

The strangest thing happened, though. I watched them actually fighting off those guys from the Banished Pantheon and the Knives of Vengeance! These guys could be allies, Character! Maybe they've changed their attitude while in Dark Astoria, fighting for the greater good and all that.

  • Do you know where they went?

As usual, I stayed here in my little protective rune area. But I did overhear them talk about going into a tunnel system nearby to some sort of underground warehouse.

If what Sigil said is true, we might be able to finally make a breakthrough about what's going on here in Dark Astoria. While you're gone, I'll see if I can't get in touch with Sigil to see if she was able to find her husband. We all need to stick together in here if we're going to take down this Mot creature, right?

Unnecessary Solicitation

No word from Sigil yet, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


You slip into one of the tunnel systems in Dark Astoria. You see up ahead agents from Arachnos trying to speak with a member of the Tsoo.

  • Investigate the Tsoo
    • Speak with Hua Tov to gain entry inside
    • 3 items to look through for information
    • Defeat the head of the Tsoo Safehouse

You've found information about Mot from the Tsoo's warehouse!


DefeatTsooEnd.png Tsoo

Notable NPCs

Madame Bellerose is a villain whose exploits are infamous in Europe. She has the ability to utilize dark energies for her own use. It is believed that she recently ascended to become an Incarnate.


You. Character. I am Hua Tov. You are one of the proud heroes of Paragon City. You have stopped many of my kind before. But this is different.

The Tsoo in Dark Astoria are not petty criminals. We are the ones who have fought tirelessly over the years to fight the darkness that consumes this city. You do not know how to fight the darkness, and thus will only bring chaos to our plans.

Leave now, and I will not be forced to use my powers against you. You have been warned, just like the Arachnos lackeys!

  • -Your- power? You do know I'm an incarnate, right?
You're an Incarnate, are you? Hrm. Interesting. That does not change my words.
The Tsoo who have been fighting in Dark Astoria have become very powerful over the years. We have unlocked the secrets of our ink, allowing us to tap into the same power that you have.
I will say it again. Leave, and I shall not be forced to destroy you.
  • Go ahead, try and destroy me! (Fight Hua Tov)
  • I'm not here to fight, I'm here to find out about Mot.
Mot? What would you want to know about the beast?
The Tsoo have been fighting this creature for years, Character. We have become familiar with everything regarding the creature. We know what to do in order to destroy it.
Master Tub Ci has commanded that we deal with any outside interlopers. You will only ruin our plans to stop Mot.
I was merciful with Scirocco and his lackeys, but I will not show the same mercy towards you. You will be an example to the others. The Tsoo will handle Dark Astoria, no one else!
  • If you insist on a fight...! (Fight Hua Tov.)
  • Hold on! I understand your frustration, you've all fought hard this entire time.
You are right that we have fought fiercely, Character. While you all handled threats of the Rikti, the Praetorians, the 5th Column, we stayed in this cursed city.
I've watched my comrades go mad, either trying to kill each other or themselves. Master Tub Ci has finally come around to help us, now that the beast has surfaced.
You say that you seek to destroy Mot, as well? Hrm... if I let you in, Character, my comrades will attack you, and I would have no way of stopping them. I cannot stop that. However, we do have information regarding Mot inside.
  • Then you will let me in?
I will. If you prove strong enough to defeat my comrades, then perhaps your mind is fresh enough to face the creature.
If not, then we will have eliminated a possible issue down the road. I will be off, Character, until we meet again.
  • Goodbye, Hua.

Did not fight Hua Tov:

Icon clue generic.png
Peaceful Resolution
You were able to end things peacefully with Hua Tov, though he warned you that the rest of the Tsoo would not be so willing to settle things in the same manner.
Icon clue generic.png
Summoning Components
You found several items within one of the Tsoo chests in their warehouse. It contains several very rare summoning components, something you found out from a dossier that was located on the chest. They mention that the components are used for summoning some sort of being into this world, but it does not specify who or what that being is.
Icon clue generic.png
The Nature of Mot
You searched through documents that the Tsoo had regarding Mot and found some important information. Mot, it seems, is powered by death and suffering. The more death there is, the more Mot is empowered. The more anguish a person is in when they are killed, the more power Mot gains.

The Tsoo theorize that all of the wars that have been happening within Paragon and the Isles in this short amount of time have pushed Mot to fully re-awaken.

Their most recent research deals in what happens when a person is 'absorbed' by Mot. The Tsoo believe now that Mot is awake, he has the ability to absorb those who have become weakened, but their research is still inconclusive.

Icon clue generic.png
The Tsoo Will Prevail
You defeated the Ancestral Warden within the Tsoo's warehouse. Before he collapsed, he warned you that no matter what, the Tsoo and Tub Ci shall prevail. They have been working on their plans for years, and they will finally be rewarded for all of the sacrifices they've made in the fight against Mot.


How did it go, Character? ... ...

So... Arachnos is here too with some guy named Scirocco? I think I've heard of him. I've got a bad feeling about what's next if they're here...

It looks like we know what we're up against now, though. It all makes complete sense! It's no wonder that Mot was awakened. We've had so many wars and crises these past few years alone... the Praetorian invasion probably pushed his powers into overdrive and caused him to wake up!

That's probably why all of us who were from Dark Astoria started having those dreams... Mot's presence was spilling out of the city and affecting us! So... the absorption... that's it! If the death of someone makes him stronger... and someone who dies in agony is even better... then if he absorbs someone who is evil, or who has given up hope, maybe he continues to absorb their power! Or, maybe, it's really a shot in the dark. I suppose at this point we should try to meet up with Sigil, right?