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Mission:An Act of Mercy - Finale: Moving the Immovable

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Finale: Moving the Immovable


Ice Mistral had no idea what Scirocco was talking about with this Sentinel nonsense. However, if we go off of what was said in Hazen's journal, then it would appear that this is a major force behind Mot's power.

Character, if we could strike against the Sentinel, it would deal a major blow to Mot's power. Then, if things fall into place, Max will deliver the information on how we can cripple the Knives of Vengeance.

The two combined would be a major victory for us against Mot. Scirocco will be able to lead us right to the Sentinel; Ice Mistral tracked him down to an old cavern system nearby, but she was driven away by a pack of monsters from the Banished Pantheon. All you need to do is get there and take down the Sentinel.

  • What about Scirocco?

Mission Acceptance

Scirocco? Look, Character, Scirocco has made his choice. Yes, I understand, Mot will become slightly more powerful if he takes Scirocco, but we will easily shift that when the Sentinel is defeated.

Scirocco recruited me into Arachnos, Character. The Scirocco that is in that cave now is a far cry from the one that found me. He has become weak-willed from the realization that he is in a place he does not like. If Scirocco were truly a powerful man, he would make the decision to continue to fight his fate, but he is not.

You're free to save him, though, as I certaintly do not have the power to stop you. Just bear in mind that the Sentinel is most likely an extremely powerful foe. If you have any allies who would brave Astoria, now would be the time to call them.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care of we talked about earlier.

Mission Objective(s)


Mot's presence is undeniable within these caverns, you can feel something monstrous bearing down upon your very being.

  • Defeat the Sentinel of Mot
    • Descend through the caverns to find the Sentinel of Mot
    • Defeat the Sentinel of Mot
    • Two runes to destroy to remove the Sentinel's invincibility (only if civilians are not saved?)
    • Speak with Scirocco

You've fought back the Sentinel, and Scirocco has sworn himself to the cause of destroying Mot in order to save Ice Mistral.


DefeatBPEnd.png Banished Pantheon
DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance


Scirocco: The Sentinel of Mot. We finally meet

Scirocco: ...

Scirocco: Yes?
Ghost Widow: I have sensed your torment growing since your plans with the Malleus Mundi failed.
Scirocco: What of it?
Ghost Widow: The dead cannot change, Scirocco.
Ghost Widow: But, the living always have a chance.
Scirocco: Why are you telling me this now?
Ghost Widow: You must settle your past, like we all have. Once and for all.
Scirocco: ... The past is settled, my pale light in the darkness.
Scirocco: It is the prison of the present and the future that I cannot escape.
Scirocco: ... I accept
Ice Mistral: NO! Take ME! You want a bad person, you want someone EVIL?!
Ice Mistral: I'm twenty times worse than Scirocco, so if you want someone, then take ME!
The Sentinel: Very well. You will be become part of Mot, Irena Rudenko!
Ice Mistral: Scirocco... you better understand why I'm doing this!
Scirocco: IRENA!!!

Scirocco: No... I will not give in...
Scirocco: Today... I will change...
Scirocco: And I WILL save IRENA!


Scirocco looks badly injured from the fight against the Sentinel. He struggles to his hands and knees, coughing hard.

She... she changed. Irena changed. She gave her life to save my own.

Scirocco looks up to you, punching the ground.

There was nobility in her, Character. She wanted to hide it, but I knew... I knew the monks had chosen her for a reason. They saw the same thing that I did, but she never wanted to see it until...

We have to save Irena, Character. I know that to you, she and I are the enemy. However... Irena has shown me something important, you must understand.

  • What did she show you?

That it is not too late to change, Character. I always felt... a prisoner to the present, to my circumstances. I had given up on Irena ever changing, I believed she, too, was a slave to her wild emotions, despite my best efforts.

But she showed me today that it isn't too late. You have to understand, Character. If I died here, Ice Mistral stood to inherit my position as a patron. She would've gained more power than she ever had. But yet... she chose to save me, instead.

I do not know if it is possible to save her, Character, but I will not give up until I know one way or another.

  • You're too badly hurt to do much right now, Scirocco.

Scirocco smiles tiredly and nods.

It will take some time for me to return to the battlefield, but I shall return. I must take care of several things first, Character, if I am to be of any use.

The power of my mantle has always been limited by... several factors. If I am to ascend and fight Mot, I must release the full power of Scirocco, once and for all.

When you and I meet again, I shall be ready to fight against the evil here with you. I know that I am a vile man, Character, but I ask that when that day comes, you will allow me to finally do what is right.

  • Alright, Scirocco, I'll see you then.


... Well, Scirocco has returned, and he has told me that he intends to stay here until Ice Mistral is recovered. An honorable gesture, to be sure, but Lord Recluse will not care for the fact that Scirocco is going against orders.

However, it is good that you were able to defeat the Sentinel, even if it did warp away, as you describe. This could be a moment of reprieve to strike against the Knives of Artemis. Kalinda, the Fortunata, has put out a detailed report showing that the Knives of Vengeance have just wiped out an entire group of small-time villains within the Rogue Isles. All this will do is power Mot, undoing our... ahem, your hard work.

I shall be going back and forth from Dark Astoria for the moment to report on Scirocco's progress. The man known as Max wishes to speak with you now. He requests that you two talk purely on a communicator, as he would prefer not to get himself embroiled in this whole business with Dark Astoria.

File:Mission DA Arc Complete.png The Determined Mentor

Ice Mistral was absorbed by Mot, but you were able to save Scirocco from the creature known as the Sentinel. Scirocco has pledged to not rest until he rescues Ice Mistral from the maw of Mot.